Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Banks Dashboard PC

The Banks Power iQ Dashboard PC, newly renamed as the iQ Man-Machine Interface, is on the cutting edge of commercially produced aftermarket components. It can interface to your existing UDP ports to record and display all measurements that display on your stock gauges. Also, it can interface with all Banks chips and modules. If you want to change from gas economy tuning to race tuning, you can do so on the fly without turning off your engine. Monitor your engine error codes and wipe them per your discretion. Reset your rev limiter, change your shifting, it's all in there.

How does the iQ Man-Machine Interface accomplish so much? It's simple. Take a legitimate palm pilot, and put a team of knowledgeable mechanical and computer programming engineers on the project. With this hardware and current programming developments, your iQ Man-Machine interface will be able to interface with virtually any peripheral system via modules. Remember watching the first Fast and Furious movie, where the protagonist had a laptop synced to his nitrous system? Banks aims to accomplish this and much more in their compact yet affordable modules and display. With their UDP "brick" that is currently under development, you will be able to control your Turbo Timer, Water/Methanol Injection, Boost Controller, and Intake Density to name few.

The iQ Dashboard PC comes standard with 1GB of hard drive space, which really isn't much for a compact PC. But with its expandable SD slot that supports up to 16GB, you can carry pretty much anything that is compatible with the Windows CE software that comes on it. Microsoft Office is included with each display unit, so you can carry on with all your basic computer functions. Unfortunately, the iQ does not come with WiFi connectivity, so it only offers real-time navigation from a satellite connection without internet access. However, this unit does come standard with a single USB port, so transfering your digital files is as easy as pie.

While it would be nice to have everything, the iQ Dashboard PC is still only a Pocket PC, and can only do as much as a Pocket PC. Keyboard and mouse connectivity has been found with several specific model keyboards and mice, but because this unit is still under development, troubleshooting these features is a challenge to say the least. You may be able to install certain additional codecs to your device so you can play more types of video and music files. You can definitely install an oldschool videogame emulator on your iQ Dashboard PC, but installing an aftermarket videogame controller to your iQ will be much more challenging.

All-in-all, the Banks iQ Display is worth the money if you like to modify and monitor your modules on the fly. You can do other things with this unit, but for the most part, its key reliable features lie in its ability to sync with your modules, with the future promise that all your system's modules will sync to this unit simultaneously.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Banks Power Products for Ford Gas Trucks

If you own a Ford Powerstroke, you already know that your truck has some power behind it. It's little wonder why Ford pick-ups have such a strong following - even in the face of much more long-lasting trucks, Fords still deliver peak performance to meet the needs of your average hard-working American. In asking a garage technician that I personally know, I asked "aren't Japanese trucks more reliable than American?" The technician replied, "Fords can pull loads and do other things that Japanese pick-ups can't. I know Fords, and I'm a Ford man."

Having met my fair share of Ford owners, it's apparent to me that most Ford owners can make use of aftermarket performance modifications. That is, unless they're opposed to the idea of modifications altogether. Minor component replacements here and there can give anywhere from 10-20% improvement in power and torque, and when you consider that these modifications can be made without being made noticeable, you should be asking yourself "can I really get more out of my Ford pick-up without compromising elsewhere?" the answer is yes, definitelly. Components such as Banks Power Products for Ford Gas Trucks have poised themselves to pick up the ball where big manufacturers have dropped it.

First of all, when you're talking about performance modifications, most power increases made to your engine will decrease its longevity. But not all modifications will hurt your engine. Systems that allow your engine to run more efficiently are always a welcome party because they'll never cause engine damage on their own. These systems simply alleviate existing problems with the original construction - a Monster Exhaust System to decrease exhaust back pressure to ideal levels, instead of cheaply made exhaust pipes with kinks and pinches; a Ram-Air Intake System to allow a greater volume of denser air into your combustion chambers; a TorqueTubes Manifold Assembly to further decrease exhaust back pressure and to also "scavenge" spent air and fuel away from the engine. With these basic improvements, the only difference you'll notice with your pick-up is the sound (unless you're looking under the hood) and the power. With these basic improvements, you won't affect the longevity of your engine, and you'll even be able to maintain your factory warranty with these modifications. With these modifications, your engine will run closer to the way it was originally designed to run, because you have only improved upon the reliability and consistency of your original stock components.

Modifying these components beyond the original factory design can leave your engine's fuel:air ratio imbalanced. For example, if you install oversized intake and exhaust systems, your engine can draw in too much air. If blowing smoke is your thing, this could be exactly what you want, but for this set-up you're going to need a tuner at the very least. Once you've increased the air combusting in your engine beyond factory specs, you're going to need to increase the fuel as well. A Banks Power Automind Programmer can take care of this for you, and will work best if you've already integrated all other Banks components for your Ford gas truck.

If you have a 6.2L or bigger in your Ford gas pick-up, installing these performance upgrades will likely leave you with significantly increased slippage in the clutch. To ensure that your power is being translated properly to the asphalt, consider a Banks Power Billet Torque Converter, able to handle 1100lbs-ft of torque. And lastly, for smoother shifting on cruises and stiffer shifting while towing, get a Banks Power TransCommand Module - clutch slippage will be further decreased, the driving experience will be more pleasurable, and the module is a plug-and-play that adjusts to road conditions automatically.

Please bear in mind that performance modifications always bear the small possibility of contributing to the degradation of your engine, since damaging a properly working engine mostly depends upon how you're driving. Stomping the pedal off the line is a great way to race, but regardless of stock or modified, this kind of driving will always decrease the longevity of your engine either way. For conservative drivers that don't use the full power of their stock Ford the majority of the time, your pick-up will last longer than others' either way - in such cases, these modifications will mostly show improvements in fuel economy.

Long story short, there is always an affordable way to get more out of your Ford gas pick-up. Start with the basics - replace all the deficiencies of your indirect systems that affect engine performance. These systems have the least likelihood of adversely affecting your engine, and the greatest likelihood of improving your engine's efficiency when your engine is already working properly. And one the best things about these modifications - they're all quick and easy to install, and the components are modestly priced, especially when compared to stock replacement parts. The way I like to think of it - these are the kind of modifications that Ford would likely make on his own personal pick-up, because I can't imagine Ford towing an RV to the great outdoors on a pick-up with pinched exhaust pipes.

Give Banks a call today, their in-house technicians can help you find the appropriate components and find an authorized distributor and garage.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Banks Power Products Looking Ahead

Banks Power Products have a long-standing reputation for quality performance products. Of course, there are many aftermarket companies out there. And once you've filtered through the companies worth considering, there are still a handful of companies left to choose from besides Banks. So, why Banks?

First of all, it's all about belief. Banks believes in the quality of their products and won't compromise on any of their design standards. For all their components, they first take a virtual model of whatever component they have created and simulate a flow test. Next, the test components are produced, which undergo flow tests and dyno tests. After being tested in-house, these parts are road-tested before being sold on a wide scale. Because of these standards, the majority of their aftermarket products perform as well as or better than any other aftermarket components of similar design.

So let's say you have a pick-up or diesel car that you want to modify for performance, and you want to take a step beyond the basic improvements that are offered through upgrading your exhaust, intake, or intercooler. Let's say you don't see much purpose behind spending several hundred dollars more on a Banks system compared to another stainless steel system that performs almost as well. Why buy Banks? The answer lies within the future.

For a year now, Banks has been researching and developing their new IQ Man-Machine Display Interface to plug into a new "brick" for your OBD ports. Essentially, this "brick" replaces your old OBD ports so that you will have at least 6 open ports for plugging into. As of yet, all the hardware has already been created, but the programming for the "brick" is still in the works. What's so special about this "brick"?

Imagine you have one of their older IQ Monitors with a Six-Gun Module. This system will allow you to monitor anything that is already displayed on your dash (speed, RPMs, etc.) and will also allow you to modify the programming of your module, which reprograms your timing, fuel pressure, limiters, and other engine or transmission-specific programming. But, what if you have a nitrous system? What if you have an electronic disc brake system? What about all the other performance modifications that you can make to your ride that require electronic monitoring, but aren't part of your transmission or engine?

This is where the IQ Man-Machine Monitor and "brick" come into play. When all the programming has been worked out completely, you'll be able to plug and play with more systems than you had thought imaginable. To think, 10 years ago, these features were just a pipe-dream that a few select engineers could create, the kind of thing you might only see in a movie. This technology is so state of the art that for only part of these features, it is still a working progress for major manufacturers like Ford. Why Banks Power Products? Because Banks believes in the future. Because if your ride is state-of-the-art, Banks is the art. Give Banks a call today to find a local distributor near you.

Banks Power Products for Cummins Diesel Motorhomes

Motorhome owners know all too well the cost and stress that comes with owning a heavy gas-guzzling road boat. Don't get me wrong, motorhomes and RVs are great - there's nothing as effective when it comes to bringing your home to the great outdoors. So, the question becomes how can you improve your performance to better keep up with everyone else on the road? and how can you improve your fuel economy simultaneously for those cross-country trips?

The first place to start, as is the case with any gas or diesel vehicle, is your engine's airflow and tuning. In that regard, companies that specialize in diesel applications would be your best bet for your Cummins motorhome, and Banks is just the company to meet your needs.

Banks Power Products for Cummins Diesels keep the competition on their toes by maintaining the highest quality throughout all their components - scrutinized to the best of their ability, Banks employs a step-by-step process where all components are first virtually tested, then dyno tested, and finally field tested.

Because of the varying nature of motorhome body styles, Banks (as well as most aftermarket manufacturers) does not offer any prefabricated exhaust systems. If you've made motorhome modifications before, you know what I'm talking about - exhaust pipes are worth replacing, but you're going to have to replace your stock pipes with custom mandrel bent pipes. Your local diesel shop should be able to help you with taking measurements and ordering, or possibly fabricating, your custom pipes.

Once you have your pipes in place, your Banks components will show even greater improvements than they would on stock pipes. If you have a 2003-2009 Cummins Motorhome, Banks offers their Economind Tuner with IQ Display, as well as a tougher torque converter to handle the increased power. The Economind comes standard with six different programs, varying from stock programming to max power programming to max fuel economy programming.

For earlier model Cummins motorhomes, the tuner is incompatible, but more mechanical components are offered because Banks has had time to test them. For all 1993-2003 Cummins Motorhomes, the Banks Power Turbo and Wastegate Actuator comes standard with their PowerPack Systems, as well as some of their Stinger Systems. These systems also come standard with an electronic brake, boost gauge, and installation parts. On those model years applicable, Banks also includes their Power Elbow and boost tube with their PowerPack Systems.

Essentially, these modifications only improve upon airflow, engine tuning, and braking. But because these systems tend to have the most corners cut by the manufacturer, these improvements produce unbelievable results - you can replace that straw your engine is breathing through with a scuba ventilator attached to an oxygen tank. Imagine how much more work you can get done this way!

So if you're going to make performance upgrades to your motorhome, start with the basics - start with a company that owns the basics. Start with Banks Power Performance Components.

Banks Power Products for Jeep

Let's be honest - if you live in California and own a Jeep, your Jeep may be missing the dirt. Jeeps are built for the outdoors. Originally, they were designed as a recon/command vehicle for wartime. But now, Jeeps come stock with economy components, and some of their base models are now built to cater towards street use. Let's get back to the basics, everybody. Let's hit the dirt trail and go exploring. Let's get geared up and ready to go for the great outdoors!

As one of the top multi-function utility vehicles on the face of the earth, there are a thousand and one modifications you can make to your Jeep. You're going to have to purchase parts from at least several different companies if you want to turn your Jeep into a work-horse or a nimble tank, but rest assured, you can find all the parts you need for individual systems if you shop with the right manufacturer. For all your basic performance upgrade components, you need not look any further than Banks Power Products for Jeep.

First of all, your stock exhaust system sucks. The vast majority of stock exhaust systems suck. The difference is having two straws to breathe through, one with constant round bends and the other with kinks and pinches. Which straw is easier to breathe through? or breathe through while sprinting? With a Banks Power Monster Exhaust System, your Jeep will be able to exhale more than double the volume of air than with stock pipes. That's a huge difference! And if you start adding more modifications to your Jeep to create more power, it's a difference that you'll need so that you can continue to combust fuel efficiently.

For model years 1991-2011, Banks offers more products that have been dyno tested for proven performance improvements and proven dependability. For the 2012 model year, these parts are still being fine-tuned and have not been publicly released yet. Their AutoMind Programmer works with most vehicles that Banks produces components for, with just one program to improve your power and fuel economy and one program to return your programming to stock specs. This programmer comes as part of the Banks PowerPack System, which includes their Ram-Air Intake, Monster Exhaust, Muffler, and Exhaust Manifold. With the whole package, your 1991-2011 Jeep will see improvements of up to +29hp and +40lbs-ft. If you stay conservative on the gas pedal, these figures will reflect further improvements in gas economy.

The list is probably endless for what kinds of useful modifications you can make to your Jeep. A grill guard with light mounts is always a good one. Maybe you could use a winch cable, in which case you'll need a plate steel bumper. Maybe you want a fire hose mounted in front of your sunroof, who knows! In any case, Banks is a great company to go with in just about any application because their parts will give you dependable power. And not only that - these components provide exponential improvements to additional performance modifications compared to stock pipes and tuning. And the cherry on top - for your 1991-2011 Jeep, all these components can be yours for less than $1500. For a 2012 Monster Exhaust, you're looking at less than $400.

Now go get geared up and hit the dirt! before somebody calls you a Starbucks sipping ninny.

Banks Power Products for Dodge Diesel Trucks

For modifying your Dodge Diesel, the last thing you'd want to do is shoot yourself in the foot by going with illegitimate aftermarket components. If you know the basics about aftermarket parts, you should at least know that if a manufacturer resells other manufacturers' parts or mostly specializes in something else (like LED lights), their parts will most likely pale in comparison to their competitors. Long-standing manufacturers that specialize in Diesel applications will always be your best bet, companies like Banks.

Banks Power Products for your Dodge Diesel can improve your pick-up's power, gas economy, and even its dependability. For the 6.7L Cummins (2007+) the selection of components offered is less than earlier model years because Banks is still fine-tuning these components. For retuning your Dodge Diesel, they offer their AutoMind Programmer, which offers a single performance program to boost your power and fuel economy. Also offered are their Monster Exhaust Systems that install on your factory exhaust brackets while lowering EGTs and exhaust backpressure. To provide less airflow resistance and cooler, denser air on the front-end of your engine, Banks offers their Ram-Air Intake, Air Scoop, and Technicooler Intercooler System. Altogether, these systems will cost only a couple thousand dollars, install in a day, and provides a great foundation for further performance modifications.

For earlier model year Dodge Diesels, Banks makes a Wastegate Actuator for improving turbo performance. For the 1994-2002 5.4L Cummins, Banks also offers an improved turbo for the Cummins diesel engine. Add their Torque Converter and Ram-Air Power Elbow to all the components mentioned above, and you'll have Banks components handling all the air traveling through your engine. Adding an electronic brake can compensate for this extra power by providing more stopping power. Also, the extra stress created by the power improvements will be taken care of with their torque converter. To top it all off, all their components are constructed so that when they're installed properly, your pick-up won't ever go into limp mode or throw out error codes.

If fancy, on-the-fly monitoring is your thing, Banks also offers their IQ PC Dashboard Monitor, which syncs to their six-gun tuner. This tuning system offers 6 different programs for your 2003-2007 Dodge Cummins, ranging from stock programming to full-race programming. Adjustments can be made while driving without turning off your engine, also ideal for towing applications.

Banks specializes in performance diesel modifications, and they do what they do while offering their products at a modest price. If you want to help your engine gain power and fuel economy, and reliability if used conservatively, Banks is where it's at. For less than five thousand dollars, you can purchase virtually all components that they currently offer for your pick-up (the Banks Big Hoss Bundle includes most items that they offer). And with their 2-5 Year Manufacturer's Warranty, you can rest assured that your components have been made to last. To purchase and install these parts with valid warranty coverage, all you need to is contact one of Banks' authorized distributors.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Sidewinder Turbo System

For your oldschool Ford Diesel and GM Diesel pick-up, you may have noticed that new technology can potentially improve your diesel's performance. Certain components are more difficult and costly to modify than others, but one known factor is your turbocharger. If you have a Ford or GM diesel manufactured before 93', the stock turbo is less efficient than a new aftermarket turbocharger.

The Banks Power Sidewinder Turbo was created in the early 90's, after over 60 turbocharger models for Ford and GM diesels had already been produced. They had their work cut out for them creating the best turbo, and it's arguable that they achieved their goal.

The main critical factors in the Sidewinder's heightened performance include their smaller turbine, which provides quicker boost response and more low-end torque. This smaller turbine design will typically create more exhaust back pressure at high-rpms, due to the restrictive nature of a smaller turbine. This issue was resolved by adding a Wastegate to the exhaust system. By adding a wastegate, your exhaust backpressure won't ever rise above 10psi. Likewise, this will allow your engine to perform without restrictions, thus allowing your smaller turbo to give improved performance at higher rpm's without normal restrictions. In other words, the best of both worlds.

A Sidewinder Turbo System comes in both wastegate and non-wastegate versions, with the wastegate version giving the most power all-around. These systems come complete with mandrel bent exhaust pipes for replacing your exhaust system, and also a transmission-control module that provides softer shifting with light loads and firmer shifting for heavier loads (ideal for smooth everyday driving or protecting your transmission while towing). PLUS their Ram-Air Intake System and intercooler pipe - basically, these kits include all necessary components and parts needed for installing your new Banks turbocharger, exhaust system, intake, and tuning module.

With a Banks Power Sidewinder Turbo, installing will only take a skilled technician a full day. Your Ford or GM diesel will perform better or equally in comparison to any other aftermarket turbo modifications. For the price and quality, you really can't beat this kit!

  • Custom Cut to Fit Your Truck Exactly
  • Includes Turbo, Exhaust, Intake System, Gauges, and all Hardware
  • Increased Horsepower!! 82+ HP!!
  • Increased Torque!! 143+ TQ!!
  • Improved Fuel Economy!!!!! 29% Gain (per Banks Power)

Ram Air Intake

For your Ford Diesel Truck, GM Diesel Truck, and various other gas vehicles, modifying even one or two of your critical components, like your intake or exhaust, can give you greatly improved engine performance. The origin of the Banks Power Ram-Air Intake System came to being during their stringent design process for a reliable intake system. Banks Power realized that many aftermarket component manufacturers have been producing flashy products that produce little results, and so they began designing their intake systems the way that every good engineer should - from the ground, up.

All Ram Air Intake Systems are first digitally designed in CAD format, then run through simulated testing for optimal calculated performance. Then, a new prototype intake system is created around these designs and tested on a flow bench. THEN, each prototype is dyno tested before being added to their product lines.

Ram-Air Filters are engineered with widest possible design without throwing error codes. Encasing these huge filters are their custom intake boxes, which catch cold air being drawn in by the movement of your pick-up. These boxes provide much cooler air to your engine than stock intake systems. With your complete Ram-Air Intake System Installed, your engine will get cooler, denser air at about 57% increased airflow. For starting your new modifications, there's hardly a better place to begin, because your engine needs better breathing before it can achieve improved performance. Get one! You won't be disappointed.

  • Enclosed Housing Keeps Out Hot, Power-Robbing Engine Air
  • Inhales Cooler Outside Air for More Power & MPG
  • Giant Filter Maximizes High-Flow Filtration
  • Helps Engine Run Cooler
  • Prevents Component Damage & Extends Service Life
  • 5-year Warranty (Filter: Lifetime Warranty)

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Banks Power Air Filter Oil 90092

The Banks Power Air Filter Oil - 90092 is an 8oz bottle of fiter oil used to re-oil your air filter after cleaning. Don't wait too long before unwanted engine damage occurs. Clean your intake filter before it is too late! Get yours now and receive fast shipping at the best price!