Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Banks Power Products for Ford Diesel Trucks

The Banks Power Products for Ford Diesel Trucks are hotter than ever! Look forward to more products for the 2011 6.7L Powerstroke developing in the near future. Currently offered is the Automind Programmer, Single and Dual Monster Exhaust Kits, and the renown Ram-Air Intake Systems for improved fuel economy and airflow.

Older Ford pick-up models have many more products offered, as their time for research and development has already passed. An 08-10 6.4L Powerstroke can be modified with the same series of Banks' Monster Exhaust Kits. For those that have more to spend, their Six-Gun Bundle comes complete with an intake system, tuner, speed brake, and IQ dashboard display. If that isn't enough, their Big Hoss Bundle comes with everything included in the Six-Gun Bundle, with a Banks Techni-Cooler as well.

For 03-07 6.0L Powerstroke pick-ups, Banks offers 4 different exhaust kits. Most likely, two of kits were eliminated after 2007. Their Power Pack Kit is the same components as their Big Hoss Bundle, except the Power Pack comes with an older tuner and display. Their Stinger Kit is the same as their Six-Gun Bundle, with the same difference. Banks also produces a Torque Converter Assembly for these models.

99-03 7.3L Powerstroke models have the same four exhaust kits offered plus their modestly-priced Git-Kit. All Exhaust Kits for models 99-2008 come standard as Cat-Back exhaust systems. Choose from a variety of alternate braking systems, as well as their Quick-Turbo kit that installs in conjunction with your Garrett. For increased mid-speed performance, their Wastegate Actuators can provide additional exhaust back-pressure release when it's needed most.

The 93-97 7.3L Powerstroke models can be modified with the same kits as the 99-03 models, except these kits come standard as Turbo-back systems. Another exception for these kits is the tuner, which modifies an older model chip than later models. The 93-97 Transcommand will not come with a display, since this mod automatically adapts your gearing to driving conditions and does not modify anything else.

And lastly, your 83-93 Ford Powerstroke won't have as many options available due to it's simpler design. You can add a Sidewinder Turbo System. Additional replacement parts are also offered for repairing your oldschool diesel.

For starting your Ford diesel modifications, from exhaust to tuner, you can rely on Banks Power Products to perform.

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