Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Banks Dashboard PC

The Banks Power iQ Dashboard PC, newly renamed as the iQ Man-Machine Interface, is on the cutting edge of commercially produced aftermarket components. It can interface to your existing UDP ports to record and display all measurements that display on your stock gauges. Also, it can interface with all Banks chips and modules. If you want to change from gas economy tuning to race tuning, you can do so on the fly without turning off your engine. Monitor your engine error codes and wipe them per your discretion. Reset your rev limiter, change your shifting, it's all in there.

How does the iQ Man-Machine Interface accomplish so much? It's simple. Take a legitimate palm pilot, and put a team of knowledgeable mechanical and computer programming engineers on the project. With this hardware and current programming developments, your iQ Man-Machine interface will be able to interface with virtually any peripheral system via modules. Remember watching the first Fast and Furious movie, where the protagonist had a laptop synced to his nitrous system? Banks aims to accomplish this and much more in their compact yet affordable modules and display. With their UDP "brick" that is currently under development, you will be able to control your Turbo Timer, Water/Methanol Injection, Boost Controller, and Intake Density to name few.

The iQ Dashboard PC comes standard with 1GB of hard drive space, which really isn't much for a compact PC. But with its expandable SD slot that supports up to 16GB, you can carry pretty much anything that is compatible with the Windows CE software that comes on it. Microsoft Office is included with each display unit, so you can carry on with all your basic computer functions. Unfortunately, the iQ does not come with WiFi connectivity, so it only offers real-time navigation from a satellite connection without internet access. However, this unit does come standard with a single USB port, so transfering your digital files is as easy as pie.

While it would be nice to have everything, the iQ Dashboard PC is still only a Pocket PC, and can only do as much as a Pocket PC. Keyboard and mouse connectivity has been found with several specific model keyboards and mice, but because this unit is still under development, troubleshooting these features is a challenge to say the least. You may be able to install certain additional codecs to your device so you can play more types of video and music files. You can definitely install an oldschool videogame emulator on your iQ Dashboard PC, but installing an aftermarket videogame controller to your iQ will be much more challenging.

All-in-all, the Banks iQ Display is worth the money if you like to modify and monitor your modules on the fly. You can do other things with this unit, but for the most part, its key reliable features lie in its ability to sync with your modules, with the future promise that all your system's modules will sync to this unit simultaneously.

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