Thursday, December 22, 2011

Banks Power Products for Cummins Diesel Motorhomes

Motorhome owners know all too well the cost and stress that comes with owning a heavy gas-guzzling road boat. Don't get me wrong, motorhomes and RVs are great - there's nothing as effective when it comes to bringing your home to the great outdoors. So, the question becomes how can you improve your performance to better keep up with everyone else on the road? and how can you improve your fuel economy simultaneously for those cross-country trips?

The first place to start, as is the case with any gas or diesel vehicle, is your engine's airflow and tuning. In that regard, companies that specialize in diesel applications would be your best bet for your Cummins motorhome, and Banks is just the company to meet your needs.

Banks Power Products for Cummins Diesels keep the competition on their toes by maintaining the highest quality throughout all their components - scrutinized to the best of their ability, Banks employs a step-by-step process where all components are first virtually tested, then dyno tested, and finally field tested.

Because of the varying nature of motorhome body styles, Banks (as well as most aftermarket manufacturers) does not offer any prefabricated exhaust systems. If you've made motorhome modifications before, you know what I'm talking about - exhaust pipes are worth replacing, but you're going to have to replace your stock pipes with custom mandrel bent pipes. Your local diesel shop should be able to help you with taking measurements and ordering, or possibly fabricating, your custom pipes.

Once you have your pipes in place, your Banks components will show even greater improvements than they would on stock pipes. If you have a 2003-2009 Cummins Motorhome, Banks offers their Economind Tuner with IQ Display, as well as a tougher torque converter to handle the increased power. The Economind comes standard with six different programs, varying from stock programming to max power programming to max fuel economy programming.

For earlier model Cummins motorhomes, the tuner is incompatible, but more mechanical components are offered because Banks has had time to test them. For all 1993-2003 Cummins Motorhomes, the Banks Power Turbo and Wastegate Actuator comes standard with their PowerPack Systems, as well as some of their Stinger Systems. These systems also come standard with an electronic brake, boost gauge, and installation parts. On those model years applicable, Banks also includes their Power Elbow and boost tube with their PowerPack Systems.

Essentially, these modifications only improve upon airflow, engine tuning, and braking. But because these systems tend to have the most corners cut by the manufacturer, these improvements produce unbelievable results - you can replace that straw your engine is breathing through with a scuba ventilator attached to an oxygen tank. Imagine how much more work you can get done this way!

So if you're going to make performance upgrades to your motorhome, start with the basics - start with a company that owns the basics. Start with Banks Power Performance Components.

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