Thursday, December 22, 2011

Banks Power Products for Dodge Diesel Trucks

For modifying your Dodge Diesel, the last thing you'd want to do is shoot yourself in the foot by going with illegitimate aftermarket components. If you know the basics about aftermarket parts, you should at least know that if a manufacturer resells other manufacturers' parts or mostly specializes in something else (like LED lights), their parts will most likely pale in comparison to their competitors. Long-standing manufacturers that specialize in Diesel applications will always be your best bet, companies like Banks.

Banks Power Products for your Dodge Diesel can improve your pick-up's power, gas economy, and even its dependability. For the 6.7L Cummins (2007+) the selection of components offered is less than earlier model years because Banks is still fine-tuning these components. For retuning your Dodge Diesel, they offer their AutoMind Programmer, which offers a single performance program to boost your power and fuel economy. Also offered are their Monster Exhaust Systems that install on your factory exhaust brackets while lowering EGTs and exhaust backpressure. To provide less airflow resistance and cooler, denser air on the front-end of your engine, Banks offers their Ram-Air Intake, Air Scoop, and Technicooler Intercooler System. Altogether, these systems will cost only a couple thousand dollars, install in a day, and provides a great foundation for further performance modifications.

For earlier model year Dodge Diesels, Banks makes a Wastegate Actuator for improving turbo performance. For the 1994-2002 5.4L Cummins, Banks also offers an improved turbo for the Cummins diesel engine. Add their Torque Converter and Ram-Air Power Elbow to all the components mentioned above, and you'll have Banks components handling all the air traveling through your engine. Adding an electronic brake can compensate for this extra power by providing more stopping power. Also, the extra stress created by the power improvements will be taken care of with their torque converter. To top it all off, all their components are constructed so that when they're installed properly, your pick-up won't ever go into limp mode or throw out error codes.

If fancy, on-the-fly monitoring is your thing, Banks also offers their IQ PC Dashboard Monitor, which syncs to their six-gun tuner. This tuning system offers 6 different programs for your 2003-2007 Dodge Cummins, ranging from stock programming to full-race programming. Adjustments can be made while driving without turning off your engine, also ideal for towing applications.

Banks specializes in performance diesel modifications, and they do what they do while offering their products at a modest price. If you want to help your engine gain power and fuel economy, and reliability if used conservatively, Banks is where it's at. For less than five thousand dollars, you can purchase virtually all components that they currently offer for your pick-up (the Banks Big Hoss Bundle includes most items that they offer). And with their 2-5 Year Manufacturer's Warranty, you can rest assured that your components have been made to last. To purchase and install these parts with valid warranty coverage, all you need to is contact one of Banks' authorized distributors.

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