Friday, December 23, 2011

Banks Power Products for Ford Gas Trucks

If you own a Ford Powerstroke, you already know that your truck has some power behind it. It's little wonder why Ford pick-ups have such a strong following - even in the face of much more long-lasting trucks, Fords still deliver peak performance to meet the needs of your average hard-working American. In asking a garage technician that I personally know, I asked "aren't Japanese trucks more reliable than American?" The technician replied, "Fords can pull loads and do other things that Japanese pick-ups can't. I know Fords, and I'm a Ford man."

Having met my fair share of Ford owners, it's apparent to me that most Ford owners can make use of aftermarket performance modifications. That is, unless they're opposed to the idea of modifications altogether. Minor component replacements here and there can give anywhere from 10-20% improvement in power and torque, and when you consider that these modifications can be made without being made noticeable, you should be asking yourself "can I really get more out of my Ford pick-up without compromising elsewhere?" the answer is yes, definitelly. Components such as Banks Power Products for Ford Gas Trucks have poised themselves to pick up the ball where big manufacturers have dropped it.

First of all, when you're talking about performance modifications, most power increases made to your engine will decrease its longevity. But not all modifications will hurt your engine. Systems that allow your engine to run more efficiently are always a welcome party because they'll never cause engine damage on their own. These systems simply alleviate existing problems with the original construction - a Monster Exhaust System to decrease exhaust back pressure to ideal levels, instead of cheaply made exhaust pipes with kinks and pinches; a Ram-Air Intake System to allow a greater volume of denser air into your combustion chambers; a TorqueTubes Manifold Assembly to further decrease exhaust back pressure and to also "scavenge" spent air and fuel away from the engine. With these basic improvements, the only difference you'll notice with your pick-up is the sound (unless you're looking under the hood) and the power. With these basic improvements, you won't affect the longevity of your engine, and you'll even be able to maintain your factory warranty with these modifications. With these modifications, your engine will run closer to the way it was originally designed to run, because you have only improved upon the reliability and consistency of your original stock components.

Modifying these components beyond the original factory design can leave your engine's fuel:air ratio imbalanced. For example, if you install oversized intake and exhaust systems, your engine can draw in too much air. If blowing smoke is your thing, this could be exactly what you want, but for this set-up you're going to need a tuner at the very least. Once you've increased the air combusting in your engine beyond factory specs, you're going to need to increase the fuel as well. A Banks Power Automind Programmer can take care of this for you, and will work best if you've already integrated all other Banks components for your Ford gas truck.

If you have a 6.2L or bigger in your Ford gas pick-up, installing these performance upgrades will likely leave you with significantly increased slippage in the clutch. To ensure that your power is being translated properly to the asphalt, consider a Banks Power Billet Torque Converter, able to handle 1100lbs-ft of torque. And lastly, for smoother shifting on cruises and stiffer shifting while towing, get a Banks Power TransCommand Module - clutch slippage will be further decreased, the driving experience will be more pleasurable, and the module is a plug-and-play that adjusts to road conditions automatically.

Please bear in mind that performance modifications always bear the small possibility of contributing to the degradation of your engine, since damaging a properly working engine mostly depends upon how you're driving. Stomping the pedal off the line is a great way to race, but regardless of stock or modified, this kind of driving will always decrease the longevity of your engine either way. For conservative drivers that don't use the full power of their stock Ford the majority of the time, your pick-up will last longer than others' either way - in such cases, these modifications will mostly show improvements in fuel economy.

Long story short, there is always an affordable way to get more out of your Ford gas pick-up. Start with the basics - replace all the deficiencies of your indirect systems that affect engine performance. These systems have the least likelihood of adversely affecting your engine, and the greatest likelihood of improving your engine's efficiency when your engine is already working properly. And one the best things about these modifications - they're all quick and easy to install, and the components are modestly priced, especially when compared to stock replacement parts. The way I like to think of it - these are the kind of modifications that Ford would likely make on his own personal pick-up, because I can't imagine Ford towing an RV to the great outdoors on a pick-up with pinched exhaust pipes.

Give Banks a call today, their in-house technicians can help you find the appropriate components and find an authorized distributor and garage.

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