Thursday, December 22, 2011

Banks Power Products for Jeep

Let's be honest - if you live in California and own a Jeep, your Jeep may be missing the dirt. Jeeps are built for the outdoors. Originally, they were designed as a recon/command vehicle for wartime. But now, Jeeps come stock with economy components, and some of their base models are now built to cater towards street use. Let's get back to the basics, everybody. Let's hit the dirt trail and go exploring. Let's get geared up and ready to go for the great outdoors!

As one of the top multi-function utility vehicles on the face of the earth, there are a thousand and one modifications you can make to your Jeep. You're going to have to purchase parts from at least several different companies if you want to turn your Jeep into a work-horse or a nimble tank, but rest assured, you can find all the parts you need for individual systems if you shop with the right manufacturer. For all your basic performance upgrade components, you need not look any further than Banks Power Products for Jeep.

First of all, your stock exhaust system sucks. The vast majority of stock exhaust systems suck. The difference is having two straws to breathe through, one with constant round bends and the other with kinks and pinches. Which straw is easier to breathe through? or breathe through while sprinting? With a Banks Power Monster Exhaust System, your Jeep will be able to exhale more than double the volume of air than with stock pipes. That's a huge difference! And if you start adding more modifications to your Jeep to create more power, it's a difference that you'll need so that you can continue to combust fuel efficiently.

For model years 1991-2011, Banks offers more products that have been dyno tested for proven performance improvements and proven dependability. For the 2012 model year, these parts are still being fine-tuned and have not been publicly released yet. Their AutoMind Programmer works with most vehicles that Banks produces components for, with just one program to improve your power and fuel economy and one program to return your programming to stock specs. This programmer comes as part of the Banks PowerPack System, which includes their Ram-Air Intake, Monster Exhaust, Muffler, and Exhaust Manifold. With the whole package, your 1991-2011 Jeep will see improvements of up to +29hp and +40lbs-ft. If you stay conservative on the gas pedal, these figures will reflect further improvements in gas economy.

The list is probably endless for what kinds of useful modifications you can make to your Jeep. A grill guard with light mounts is always a good one. Maybe you could use a winch cable, in which case you'll need a plate steel bumper. Maybe you want a fire hose mounted in front of your sunroof, who knows! In any case, Banks is a great company to go with in just about any application because their parts will give you dependable power. And not only that - these components provide exponential improvements to additional performance modifications compared to stock pipes and tuning. And the cherry on top - for your 1991-2011 Jeep, all these components can be yours for less than $1500. For a 2012 Monster Exhaust, you're looking at less than $400.

Now go get geared up and hit the dirt! before somebody calls you a Starbucks sipping ninny.

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