Thursday, December 22, 2011

Banks Power Products Looking Ahead

Banks Power Products have a long-standing reputation for quality performance products. Of course, there are many aftermarket companies out there. And once you've filtered through the companies worth considering, there are still a handful of companies left to choose from besides Banks. So, why Banks?

First of all, it's all about belief. Banks believes in the quality of their products and won't compromise on any of their design standards. For all their components, they first take a virtual model of whatever component they have created and simulate a flow test. Next, the test components are produced, which undergo flow tests and dyno tests. After being tested in-house, these parts are road-tested before being sold on a wide scale. Because of these standards, the majority of their aftermarket products perform as well as or better than any other aftermarket components of similar design.

So let's say you have a pick-up or diesel car that you want to modify for performance, and you want to take a step beyond the basic improvements that are offered through upgrading your exhaust, intake, or intercooler. Let's say you don't see much purpose behind spending several hundred dollars more on a Banks system compared to another stainless steel system that performs almost as well. Why buy Banks? The answer lies within the future.

For a year now, Banks has been researching and developing their new IQ Man-Machine Display Interface to plug into a new "brick" for your OBD ports. Essentially, this "brick" replaces your old OBD ports so that you will have at least 6 open ports for plugging into. As of yet, all the hardware has already been created, but the programming for the "brick" is still in the works. What's so special about this "brick"?

Imagine you have one of their older IQ Monitors with a Six-Gun Module. This system will allow you to monitor anything that is already displayed on your dash (speed, RPMs, etc.) and will also allow you to modify the programming of your module, which reprograms your timing, fuel pressure, limiters, and other engine or transmission-specific programming. But, what if you have a nitrous system? What if you have an electronic disc brake system? What about all the other performance modifications that you can make to your ride that require electronic monitoring, but aren't part of your transmission or engine?

This is where the IQ Man-Machine Monitor and "brick" come into play. When all the programming has been worked out completely, you'll be able to plug and play with more systems than you had thought imaginable. To think, 10 years ago, these features were just a pipe-dream that a few select engineers could create, the kind of thing you might only see in a movie. This technology is so state of the art that for only part of these features, it is still a working progress for major manufacturers like Ford. Why Banks Power Products? Because Banks believes in the future. Because if your ride is state-of-the-art, Banks is the art. Give Banks a call today to find a local distributor near you.

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