Thursday, December 1, 2011

Ram Air Intake

For your Ford Diesel Truck, GM Diesel Truck, and various other gas vehicles, modifying even one or two of your critical components, like your intake or exhaust, can give you greatly improved engine performance. The origin of the Banks Power Ram-Air Intake System came to being during their stringent design process for a reliable intake system. Banks Power realized that many aftermarket component manufacturers have been producing flashy products that produce little results, and so they began designing their intake systems the way that every good engineer should - from the ground, up.

All Ram Air Intake Systems are first digitally designed in CAD format, then run through simulated testing for optimal calculated performance. Then, a new prototype intake system is created around these designs and tested on a flow bench. THEN, each prototype is dyno tested before being added to their product lines.

Ram-Air Filters are engineered with widest possible design without throwing error codes. Encasing these huge filters are their custom intake boxes, which catch cold air being drawn in by the movement of your pick-up. These boxes provide much cooler air to your engine than stock intake systems. With your complete Ram-Air Intake System Installed, your engine will get cooler, denser air at about 57% increased airflow. For starting your new modifications, there's hardly a better place to begin, because your engine needs better breathing before it can achieve improved performance. Get one! You won't be disappointed.

  • Enclosed Housing Keeps Out Hot, Power-Robbing Engine Air
  • Inhales Cooler Outside Air for More Power & MPG
  • Giant Filter Maximizes High-Flow Filtration
  • Helps Engine Run Cooler
  • Prevents Component Damage & Extends Service Life
  • 5-year Warranty (Filter: Lifetime Warranty)

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