Thursday, December 1, 2011

Sidewinder Turbo System

For your oldschool Ford Diesel and GM Diesel pick-up, you may have noticed that new technology can potentially improve your diesel's performance. Certain components are more difficult and costly to modify than others, but one known factor is your turbocharger. If you have a Ford or GM diesel manufactured before 93', the stock turbo is less efficient than a new aftermarket turbocharger.

The Banks Power Sidewinder Turbo was created in the early 90's, after over 60 turbocharger models for Ford and GM diesels had already been produced. They had their work cut out for them creating the best turbo, and it's arguable that they achieved their goal.

The main critical factors in the Sidewinder's heightened performance include their smaller turbine, which provides quicker boost response and more low-end torque. This smaller turbine design will typically create more exhaust back pressure at high-rpms, due to the restrictive nature of a smaller turbine. This issue was resolved by adding a Wastegate to the exhaust system. By adding a wastegate, your exhaust backpressure won't ever rise above 10psi. Likewise, this will allow your engine to perform without restrictions, thus allowing your smaller turbo to give improved performance at higher rpm's without normal restrictions. In other words, the best of both worlds.

A Sidewinder Turbo System comes in both wastegate and non-wastegate versions, with the wastegate version giving the most power all-around. These systems come complete with mandrel bent exhaust pipes for replacing your exhaust system, and also a transmission-control module that provides softer shifting with light loads and firmer shifting for heavier loads (ideal for smooth everyday driving or protecting your transmission while towing). PLUS their Ram-Air Intake System and intercooler pipe - basically, these kits include all necessary components and parts needed for installing your new Banks turbocharger, exhaust system, intake, and tuning module.

With a Banks Power Sidewinder Turbo, installing will only take a skilled technician a full day. Your Ford or GM diesel will perform better or equally in comparison to any other aftermarket turbo modifications. For the price and quality, you really can't beat this kit!

  • Custom Cut to Fit Your Truck Exactly
  • Includes Turbo, Exhaust, Intake System, Gauges, and all Hardware
  • Increased Horsepower!! 82+ HP!!
  • Increased Torque!! 143+ TQ!!
  • Improved Fuel Economy!!!!! 29% Gain (per Banks Power)

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