Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Banks Power Programmer

If you're looking for a Banks Programmer, you're off to a good start. Banks Power Products are known for uncompromising quality and performance, and even though Gale Banks earned his reputation with twin turbos before the inception of chips and tuners, Banks still offers some of the best tuners out there. Why? It's because their company spends a lot of time and resources having their engineering teams test, retest, and test again all the components that they consider producing - dyno tests, flow tests, field tests, you name it.

For Banks tuners, you've got 2 to choose from. Why so few? Because you only need rock solid tuning. Because Banks specializes in honing in on ideal tuning for your specific vehicle and your specific modifications.

The Banks Ottomind Tuner, for example, is strictly for tuning vehicles that have a Banks PowerPack Kit or Stinger Kit already installed. What many consumers tend to forget with their custom modification is that all automotive vehicles need to be fine-tuned to perform properly. Many consumers will get aftermarket components installed and buy a cheap tuner or module to handle tuning, without thinking much about the big picture. If you've installed aftermarket components, you either need to get your vehicle dyno-tuned, or you need to have the perfect tuning program available, which can only be got with dyno testing. Banks knows this, just like they already know about all other common problems in the diesel world. So when you're buying their PowerPack or Stinger Kit, their Ottomind Tuner comes standard with tuning that's perfect for your make/model diesel. How do I know the tuning is perfect? Because Banks' R&D department has most definitelly installed their kits on your make/model vehicle already, and they've already conducted all the necessary tests to find out first hand what your tuning should be. There's no other performance modifications that you can make to your street diesel that will produce the same results (besides a custom dyno-tune). There's also no other manufacturers that produce more reliable kits than Banks - their kits keep your engine running within ideal thresholds better than most, if not all.

For any other application, you're going to want an Automind Tuner. If you bought a complete Banks kit, it's in your best interest to ask Banks if they offer a module with custom tuning for your kit. But if you're only installing a few components, or perhaps none at all, then the Automind will get the job done for you. The Automind comes standard with 3 settings for every supported vehicle that it can reprogram, fuel economy, +30hp, and +60hp. Like any good programmer worth its salt, you can save your stock tuning and re-upload stock tuning anytime. You can also change your speed and RPM limiters, speedometer readings, shifting points, and troubleshoot error codes. While this tuner comes with Banks quality, please keep in mind the implications of increasing your power without accurately tuning your engine. Any power gains will produce at least some extra engine wear, and this effect is further multiplied if your vehicle isn't properly equipped to deal with the extra stress caused by improved power. Tuning your engine by itself on a stock diesel will cause excessive heat buildup, so passive modifications like an aftermarket exhaust and/or intake will help your engine regulate your EGTs and your under-hood temperature.

Regardless if you're tuning for fuel economy, extra power on the street, or racing, Banks has what you need to get it done right. Banks Power Products cost a bit more than their competitors not because Banks spends money on advertising (because they don't spend much on advertisements) - they cost more because Banks has very knowledgeable, experienced, and well-paid engineering teams, unlike most other competitors. If you dare say nay, give them a call today, see what they have to say!

Cummins Intake Manifold

If you're looking for a Banks intake manifold for a Cummins, you most likely already heard of or saw their Sidewinder Dakota. Their Sidewinder Dakota was the fastest diesel truck in the world when it debuted, boasting a top speed of 222mph, and burning clean without smoke, as always. Exciting news, even today, for Cummins common rail owners.

But the truth is that the Banks Big Hoss Intake Manifold is most likely not for you. This intake manifold is rated as a race-only component, and it's not really all that surprising. With all the air that you're able to pull through this manifold (which is more than enough), a race kit and race tuning will allow your engine to perform at peak efficiency. In other words, this intake manifold is so unrestrictive that you'll need to retune your engine to race tuning to get your engine running properly.

Now lets say you're ok with spending money on excessive performance modifications, is it worth trying to incorporate this intake onto a street-legal diesel? First of all, this intake will make any common rail cummins illegal for street use. If you still won't be dissuaded, let's consider the cost. Compared to any other performance modification, replacing the intake manifold is one of the most expensive with the least amount of return for beginners. Performance intakes only provide as much air as your engine can handle, so if you're still running an stock exhaust system, there's really no point in installing an intake manifold. Likewise, if you still haven't incorporated a tuner, performance turbo, injectors, fuel pump, torque converter, and various other important aftermarket components, then your intake manifold won't perform as well as it could.

Let's put it this way. With your stock intake system, it's like your engine is breathing out of a straw. With a Banks Intake System, it's like your engine is breathing out of a high quality snorkel, so now your engine can sprint when it could only jog. Incorporating an intake manifold is like having your engine breathing through scuba gear. If your engine isn't properly equipped, the intake manifold can actually weigh your engine's performance down. But if your engine is beefed out to the max, having a heavy-duty intake manifold won't create problems, and will provide all the air that your engine could ever need. I suppose that would be like The Hulk breathing through scuba gear. Now that's some scary power.

So who is the Cummins Intake Manifold for? Well, as shown in the colorful imagery above, you only need an intake manifold if your engine is on steroids. If your Cummins performs as an everyday driver, then you probably won't even want this product. But if your Cummins performs as a pavement-eating monstrosity on the daily, then this intake manifold is for you.

For street applications, your best bet is a Banks Ram-Air Intake and Monster-Ram Elbow. These components will give you ample airflow gains for whatever basic, street-legal modifications you'll be making.

Banks Power Products - they make your diesel go really fast.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Diesel Motorhomes

Diesel motorhomes can be vastly improved upon with a lot of the same components that can improve tow trucks - no surprise, since both usually start from a medium-sized diesel truck frame and pull large payloads. Banks Power Products specialize in both, and it's no surprise.

First of all, instead of making any modifications for extra power, it may be worth considering modifications for safety first. A Banks Electronic Brake helps with engine braking by automatically downshifting into the ideal gear for deceleration. By further incorporating a Banks Exhaust Brake, your engine braking will be vastly improved - on a 6 degree grade, your engine will still be able to do most of the braking for you. This could save your discs from wearing down before you're done with a family trip, or the extra stopping power could save your family's life.

Also important is your torque converter. Factory torque converters are built to withstand stock engine output at normal payloads, which is troubling considering that many motorhomes are built and used for towing. Your torque converter is the make or break point for translating your engine's output to the road. So for braking, a factory torque converter can wear out quickly under payloads, and can cause an unsafe situation when braking suddenly. Slippery shifting generally occurs most often when you're jerk your acceleration suddenly. Also, your hydraulic clutch pressure is generally set low on newer model pick-ups to provide smooth shifting, and this can work against you when you jerk your motorhome into accelerating or decelerating. So first off, a Banks Electronic Braking System will help improve your clutch's hydraulic pressure response and will automatically downshift when your throttle is disengaged, so your engine will provide more backpressure for braking. Combined with a Banks Billet Torque Converter, your braking and accelerating will both be more quick to respond and will be more effective in translating acceleration or deceleration to the road. Perhaps most important of all - if you're jerking your motorhome back and forth on a stock torque converter, you can cause stress damage, and any stress damage to a torque converter will build upon itself, eventually damaging your transmission in the process. A Banks Torque Converter is built to withstand over 600hp and 1000ft-lbs, so you can be sure that you're not going overpower it ever.

Once you've got your brakes and transmission taken care of, you're ready for safely traveling long-distance or safely towing (maybe you can't tow or climb hills well enough still, but at least you can control and stop your vehicle). So now, if you're ready for more power, it's probably best to start with the basics.

Banks Power Products offer a multitude of kits for motorhomes, all kits differing slightly from one another depending on which stock parts really need to be replaced. For your diesel motorhome, Banks may offer you just an exhaust kit. If so, it's because they couldn't do anything better for your motorhome. For example, certain Ford Powerstroke motorhomes have a relatively small engine bay and likewise have no room for an intake system, because it will create a fire hazard.

On the other hand, Banks may offer a comprehensive bundle to upgrade your diesel motorhome - diesels made between 82-93 aren't even compatible with tuners, but Banks has been around long enough to have perfected a complete modification kit to upgrade your turbo, exhaust, intake, manifolds, and more, all tuned in harmony with each other. If you compare any other combination of similar components from other manufacturers for your motorhome, they still wouldn't be as good as Banks Power Products because these components wouldn't be fabricated to work on the same tuning like Banks components are. How about taking your old 1986 diesel and getting an extra 90hp and 150ft-lbs of sustainable, reliable power? Is there any other company that can help you get this kind of performance at a fair price within a day or two of installation? No, I didn't think so.

Banks Power Products - you know you want the best, so put your money where your mouth is.

Banks Towing

Banks Power Products specialize in diesel performance, and they have been specializing their components even further based upon popular consumer demand. Originally, Banks was founded under performance modifications, setting land speed records and creating the new norm for manufactured diesels. But nowadays, with all the technology we now have at our disposal, and with the development of industrial vehicles and recreational vehicles, Banks has changed with the times.

Banks currently does not specialize in industrial generator engines and certain industrial application vehicles (this is slowly changing). What they currently specialize in is race diesels, street-legal class-C diesels, some off-road diesels, and right now they're also giving military diesels a try.

One common factor among virtually all diesel vehicles (except the newer turbo diesel cars) - towing is always welcome, if not fundamental to the driving application. Towing components can be used for more than one purpose - if you're not towing at all, then some components that would be needed for towing can still be essential for your set-up. This is because improved power without added weight can translate to your drive-train as a larger payload, since you will be putting a significantly larger amount of force on your drive-train.

The Banks Billet Torque Converter is a great example of how your can improve your vehicle's performance regardless of whether you're towing or not. Factory torque converters are built to withstand the amount of power that your factory engine can produce, but no more than. Literally, some factory torque converters use sandpaper discs for your clutch. Torque converter damage tends to aggravate itself, so a ding in your factory torque converter's integrity will eventually result in the failure of this part. And when you've got a failed torque converter, your transmission will almost certainly incur damage as well. By incorporating a Banks Billet Torque Converter, your clutch will be able to withstand more power than your engine can produce. All the components on these torque converters are built to a higher quality standard and are produced from better quality materials.

For Powerstrokes, it's also a good idea to incorporate a Transcommand Module for improved shifting. The Transcommand increases the amount of hydraulic pressure to your clutch as you apply more gas, providing firmer shifting when using your engine's power. The firmer shifting allows less slippage, which is good for your torque converter. Excessive slippage creates excess heat through friction, which is one of the main causes for transmission damage.

Modifying your fuel:air can improve your output power, so likewise, components that improve your power are applicable for towing, as well as pretty much any other application. A Banks Ram-Air Intake, along with a Banks Monster Exhaust System, will dispense and evacuate more air, resulting in more power to your combustion cycles and added boost to your turbo. Adding a Banks Tuner or Module to the mix will help you attain more ideal fuel:air tuning with these performance components, and can also increase your engine's power a bit beyond what's best for its longevity. Headers, Intake Manifold, Exhaust Manifold, aftermarket Turbo - all of these components will give you more power and towing capability, and Banks makes their own version of all of these components, all finely-tuned to work with one another.

Lastly, towing requires having a powerful braking system. If you're traveling downhill with a payload, the force on your brakes is immense - even if you manage to stop with engine braking and disc braking combined, a large enough load can reduce your disks to nothingness rather quickly. By incorporating a Banks Exhaust Brake and Electronic Brake System, your engine can do the majority of the braking, just as long as your drivetrain can handle your payload. Their exhaust brake works with their electronic brake by automatically downshifting to the optimal braking gear once you've let off the gas. Banks exhaust brakes differ from other exhaust brakes in this manner, because engine braking downhill at low RPMs can actually speed up your vehicle.

For towing improvements to your drive-train, count on Banks. Take my word for it - there are companies out there that are already saving money on maintenence by installing Banks parts.

Banks Big Hoss

If you're talking about a Banks Big Hoss Bundle, there's only one thing you can be talking about. The Big Hoss Bundle is a Banks Power Product, its name designated to all performance kits that include virtually everything that Banks sells and distributes for your diesel pick-up. If you're not sure what I mean, please read on.

Banks makes oodles of components for various style diesels, varying in driving applications as well. Banks Power Products only advertise and distribute their street-legal systems that are tried and true. So if you purchase a Big Hoss Bundle, you will be getting all the components that Banks has produced for their best street-legal version of your pick-up. These kits will retain your Catalytic Converter, DPF, and Muffler unless you purchase a delete pipe as well. These kits will not void your factory warranty and will also pass smog, so long as your ECU is set at factory tuning while conducting the smog test.

What is not included in your Banks Big Hoss Bundle is everything that Banks makes for your diesel that is not street legal and/or has not been publicly released for sale as of yet. For example, a Big Hoss Bundle for a 2008 GMC S-10 diesel will not include any of the same components that Banks used to create their 7.87 second/quarter mile twin-turbo monstrosity. Another example, the Volkswagon TDI components that have been talked about since 2009. The TDI currently does not have a Big Hoss Bundle available because their Monster Exhaust is the only kit being sold for this vehicle. However, Banks has already created the ultimate TDI modification kit and has had successful test runs over and over since 2009, they just simply haven't released those prototype parts for manufacturing yet. You could say this is one downside to Banks' unfailing resolve to maintain the highest quality standards.

If you're wondering how a Banks Big Hoss Bundle will stand up to similar products from different manufacturers, you really only need to know that Banks has better kits than anybody else. Even somebody who is unfamiliar with our current automotive technology can understand why - any significant modifications made to your fuel, air, or drivetrain needs to be accounted for, and needs to fit ideal tuning specs.

When twin-turbos were a new thing, when straight-pipe exhausts were the thing to do for improving your diesel muscle car's power, you knew you'd always had to dial all your parts in and tune everything as perfectly as possible. This is still true today. If you're buying aftermarket components from multiple manufacturers to modify your diesel, you had better have a background in engineering and a dyno shop handy! If you don't have this knowledge at your disposal, then you're pretty much throwing random parts into your diesel based on here-say. Components from different manufacturers are tuned differently. I can't think of a better way to have fun while killing your engine.

Banks kits come tuned specifically to function interdependently with minimal resistance. If you get a Big Hoss Bundle for your 03 Powerstroke, it will come with a turbo flywheel that no other Big Hoss Bundle comes with, because only those Powerstrokes had a poorly constructed flywheel. Also, their flywheel and turbo housing will function better with the rest of the Big Hoss components than your stock turbo will. The slightly smaller turbo and wheel will give you quicker boost where and when it matters most, and the Banks BigHead Wastegate Actuator will making overboosting and exhaust seepage a near impossibility. In other words, the ideal performance specs that the manufacturer designed your pick-up to perform under will be more closely attained by incorporating any street-legal Banks kit.

Call Banks today and ask them how their Big Hoss Bundle will unleash the hidden potential of your diesel pick-up.

Duramax Sidewinder

As described in prior blogs, the Banks "Sidewinder" name is an ambiguous term for Banks Power Products. In its truest form, the name Sidewinder is used to describe any modification bundle that will turn your diesel pick-up into the baddest on the road. Their Sidewinder bundles come with varying components, depending upon the needs of your specific pick-up.

Currently, the Sidewinder name is most widely used for Banks' performance modification kits for older model diesels. For model/years falling between 82-93, Banks offers a Sidewinder kit for Duramax and Powerstroke engines. These kits will increase your power output by at least 25%, and as always, this power is sustainable and won't kill your engine like improper tuning will.

Banks is a company that specializes is specializing, not marketing. So if you're looking for a Duramax Sidewinder, it's likely that you could be looking for one of their less popular sellers. Banks has used the Sidewinder name to describe Duramaxes several times over the past decade, but these kits are generally for racing applications. In 2005, Banks came out with the world's fastest diesel pick-up, the Sidewinder GMC Sierra. At 24mpg and a top speed of 222mph, you couldn't beat this clean-burning diesel! Then, again in 2008, Banks released their Sidewinder GMC S-10. The S-10 was drag-tested and set records for fastest quarter mile, crossing the finish line in 7.87 seconds at 175mph. Again, a Banks clean-burning diesel set the land speed records.

To get the race-only modifications that Banks offers for your GMC, you're going to have to call them personally. It's a drop in the bucket for Banks to set you up with a basic aftermarket upgrade kit that's dyno-tuned, since there are only a few modifications that need to be made to your stock diesel (don't ask me why other companies have such a hard time with this!). But on the other hand, these all-around race modification kits are sold much less often and take a lot more work to install, so they generally aren't listed for sale through distributors. Also, if you want to incorporate one of their performance twin turbo kits, you may end up having to puchase components from other companies that work hand-in-hand with Banks (like Bosch). Getting these modifications installed can call for a greater skill for installation, so it's probably best to inquire with Banks on finding a qualified technician that can properly modify your diesel from the ground-up.

So, long story short, if you have a Duramax, Banks can help you get whatever you want out of it. Except a unicorn.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Banks Sidewinder Turbo

The name "Sidewinder" when describing a Banks Power Product is actually quite ambiguous. From Banks themselves, this is what they have to say about the "Sidewinder":

"'Sidewinder' is the middle name that Banks gives to many of its upgraded creations, it originally noted the position of a turbo (or pair of turbos) now it simply denotes the fact that the machine bearing that moniker has had its fangs sharpened by the Banks engineering team."

The term "Sidewinder Turbo" is tossed around so often, that it's notoriety virtually become its own means of advertisement. Currently, you'll see Gale Banks Engineering rolling out their "Sidewinder" 1500hp supercharged drag car onto the racetracks, while their new 1100hp twin turbo engine design is plainly named their new twin turbo system.

One distinguishing factor that is worth noting is that all Sidewinder modification kits that Banks currently sells are for older model diesels. In other words, if your diesel pick-up is made between 82-93 (and likewise comes without a chip), then Banks is likely to offer a Sidewinder kit for your pick-up. These Sidewinder kits will improve your power by up to 82hp and 143ft-lbs, and will provide slight fuel economy gains when driving modestly. That's more than a 25% power output gain!

Regardless of what "Sidewinder" means today, one thing is for sure - you're going to keep on hearing the name "Sidewinder" as Gale Banks Engineering produces more and more products. Because if there's anything that Banks does well, it's sharpen your diesel's fangs.

Automind Handheld Programmer

The Banks Automind Handheld Programmer is one of the top sellers for Banks Power Products. To put it bluntly, this programmer is a one-time purchase that will take care of all your programming needs. Yes, there are many programmers out there that offer all-around tuning for all commonly manufactured vehicles, but Banks still stands apart from their competition as usual. And don't get me wrong - you're not really paying more money for bulletproof hardware. You're paying extra money for rock-solid software - Banks dyno-tests all their products and software programs, and then releases free beta versions for trial, so that they can troubleshoot their products before publicly releasing anything for sale.

Your Banks Automind Handheld Programmer comes with all standard features that current programmers should come with - adjust your limiters, adjust your speedometer calibration based on tire size, adjust cooling fan activation temp, adjust shift points and firmness, adjust fuel economy tuning, troubleshoot error codes, and update your tuning via the internet. You can get all these functions with any other reliable programmer, but your engine tuning will still be better with Banks.

As a side note, a new version of the Automind is now out for sale, in preparation for the new age of performance modifications. The Automind Flash module is a standalone module that links with the Banks iQ Display. With the Flash module, you will have all the same features as the Automind Programmer, and it can be used and adjusted on-the-fly as well. But some of you must be thinking "and?", since Banks seems to be synonymous with having your cake and eating it too. There is an "and", but as usual, the bad news is that you're going to have to wait until Banks is done with their research and development on their new products.

The Banks Automind Flash module is one part of two. It's primary function is a data-relay module. With the incorporation of the Banks "Brick" (which is still under development), your Automind Flash module will not only interface with your OBD port. The Banks "Brick" will interface with all other peripherals that do not connect to your stock OBD port (like temp readings, boost readings, nitrous/water/propane injection, etc.), and the "Brick" itself will host multiple OBD ports for interfacing your Automind Flash module. In other words, when the "Brick" comes out, your Automind Flash module with iQ display will give you the ability to monitor, record, and modify ALL of your electronic components. Just imagine being able to do everything (realistic) you saw in all the Fast and Furious movies on a mounted, palm-sized computer. This is the true function and purpose of the Automind Flash module.

If there's any question in your mind as to why or how you should purchase Banks Power Products, give Banks a call today. Their technicians are always willing to enlighten anybody about how their competitors just don't stand up to their challenge.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Banks Sport Exhaust

Banks Power Products are where it's at when it comes to performance engineering. The Banks Monster Sport Exhaust Kit comes standard as a complete exhaust kit for all newer diesel models prior to the DPF required year ranges. The Banks Sport Exhaust is compatible with 03-07 Powerstrokes, 01-07 Duramaxes, and 03-07 Cummins.

The Monster Sport Exhaust Kit includes their straight-through Monster Muffler, which allows for more growl than your stock muffler but will greatly decrease your exhaust back pressure. With its straight-through Monster Muffler that comes standard with the Sport kit, your muffler will provide more flow-through than both the Monster Muffler and your stock muffler, despite it's smaller size.

All Banks Exhaust Kits come standard as street-legal kits, installing behind your DPF or Catalytic Converter. Your Banks Monster Sport Exhaust Kit will install behind your Catalytic Converter unless you purchase an additional Cat-delete pipe. Further incorporating a Banks Downpipe and Power Elbow for applicable model/years is advised to get the most out of your exhaust system. Further improvements with your intake and tuning will compound your power gains figures from the exhaust itself.

If you have any questions about which exhaust kit is the right fit for you, give Banks a call today. Their technicians are always ready to answer your inquiries.

Banks Power Elbow

When making performance modifications to your diesel pick-up, it's important to incorporate corresponding components that will respond to one another. Banks starts from the ground up - exhaust systems, intake systems, etc. Your exhaust elbow is one important component that can be included with your basic upgrades, or can made later when you're upgrading further, like replacing your turbo.

The Banks Power Elbow installs on your exhaust manifold before your downpipe, providing a steadfast inlet for your exhaust pipes at the downward bend from your engine. With their improved design, your exhaust backpressure will decrease by 40%, also decreasing your EGTs and increasing your boost figures slightly. Altogether, you'll get improved power, improved fuel economy, lowered EGTs for further modification capability, and decreased turbo spool time (further improvements made with the addition of an exhaust kit, intake kit, tuner, manifolds, etc.).

While you may be wondering how such a small component can cost you more than a couple hundred bucks, it's really a matter of mastering your engine's critical components. Gale Banks Engineering Inc. has specialized in fine-tuning diesel performance for decades now - it's just what they do. Recently, Volkswagon has put them up to the challenge of retuning their TDI diesel cars, and they've already done so with flying colors (even though those parts haven't been released for public sale yet). One thing is always certain with Banks Power Product performance - they may not work well with components from other manufacturers, but their reliable parts are always compatible with each other. Get a Banks Power Elbow with one of their exhaust kits, and you're sure to come back hungry for one of their tuners.

Banks engineering is the industry standard for quality diesel modifications. Their technicians are always available during normal business hours to take your call, so give them a try today.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Banks Tuner

So you're in the market for a Banks tuner? Congratulations, you've made the right choice. But the next question is, what application you're going to be using your Banks tuner for? Do you just want a tuner without making any further modifications to your pick-up? Do you want to modify your pick-up head-to-toe and make it a race-only monster? Do you want to make as many performance modifications to your pick-up that you can while keeping it street legal? These are all important questions to consider.

For those that don't want to spend a lot of money on their performance modifications, starting with a Banks Bullet Tuner may be your best bet. This tuner will give power gains of 30 or 60hp, or fuel economy gains. Also, this tuner is compatable with any aftermarket exhaust system and intake that installs on your pick-up. But just as a heads up, your engine may be putting out enough extra power to cause a bit of slippage. If you own a Powerstroke, a Banks Transcommand will take care of a lot of the slippage - but in the long run, you will eventually need to replace your stock torque converter with an aftermarket model, and it's better to do it sooner than later so your transmission doesn't incur any damage from a failed torque converter.

If these modifications aren't enough for you, but you still want to keep your pick-up street legal, chances are your best bet is a complete Banks kit. If your diesel is an 82-93, a Banks Sidewinder Kit will give you max power gains. These kits don't come with tuners because there was no such thing during that time, but all other air and fuel components will be upgraded - exhaust manifold, exhaust system, turbo, intake, tubes, etc. The Sidewinder basically comes with everything that Banks makes for your 82-93 pick-up except for their Billet Torque Converter and exhaust brake. If your diesel is a 93-2012, their Big Hoss Kit and their PowerPack Kit are your best options. Complete with all tuners applicable for your model pick-up, your Big Hoss or PowerPack kit will include everything else that Banks makes for your pick-up except for the torque converter and brakes. These kits come with their own tuners, programmed specifically for your kit. In other words, their dyno test results for your model pick-up with their component kit installed has resulted in the optimized programming that they offer for their tuners.

Depending upon your year/model pick-up, your complete Banks kit with the appropriate tuner will produce about +80-140hp and +150-250ft/lbs. For any of these kits, it's advised that you get a quality aftermarket torque converter, like the Billet torque converter offered by Banks, and if you're towing or traveling cross-country, an added braking system can add some safety to your ride. Banks makes two types of assisted braking systems, their exhaust brake and their electronic brake. For some model pick-ups, like newer Powerstrokes, adding both braking systems is ideal because they can function interdependently, showing gains of over 50% in brake time and distance compared to stock discs.

So are these modifications enough for you? There are only a few more modifications you can make to a diesel pick-up while still keeping it street-legal, like water or propane injection, or a new lift kit, and your new Banks kit is compatible with these systems. But if you want any extra power, you're going to have to go the less-traveled road. You're going to have to give Banks a call.

Banks Power Products mainly sell aftermarket components for street-legal applications because they are the most widely-used products among your average civilians. But let's not forget that Banks' roots drive deep into the heart of competition and racing modifications. So if this is what you're interested in, you're going to need to work with Banks personally. First of all, your modifications can range from $50k to $500k - do you want an Allison Transmission for your Cummins engine? Or maybe you want your engine cylinders bored out to a larger size? Regardless of what you want done, there are a few common custom parts that Banks will need to make for you personally, like custom-tuning your programmer for one.

Whatever project you've got brewing, Banks is prepared to assist you. If their components don't seem to be working properly on your pick-up, they won't just drop the ball - they'll make sure the job gets done and have one of their technicians finish the job properly if need be. There's a reason why Banks Power Products are regarded so highly. It really doesn't matter what they do, they're like the Michael Jordan of user-friendly aftermarket components. Everybody wants to be like Banks. Don't get stuck with with lesser quality components - spend the extra money on components that will undoubtedly return your investment better than any other company. Get Banks.

Banks Bullet Diesel Tuner

Banks Power Products always cost a bit more than their competitors, but it's all for good reason. Most aftermarket component manufacturers spend lots of their own money on marketing, and likewise this fee is reflected in the cost and quality of your product. But not Banks. Why do Banks components generally cost more? Because that money that other companies invest in marketing is strictly invested in engineering at Banks. Their customer service agents are actually capable of troubleshooting their products. If you can't get your part installed properly at one of their approved distributors, they will personally assist you with your component install. And, perhaps most importantly, their products generally cover all the bases that other aftermarket companies have missed.

The Banks Bullet Diesel Tuner is simple-looking, unimposing, and may leave you wondering what's so special about it in comparison to other tuners. First of all, economy tuners are generally unsafe. Banks tuners are one of a kind in that they will not interrupt your ECU's signal when it shouldn't be. In other words, your Banks tuner won't inhibit your airbag functionality. Your Banks tuner won't send a poor signal to your ECU like many aftermarket components do, which causes poor engine functionality. Your Banks tuner won't even shut off your engine if it fails, like many aftermarket components will, which is potentially life-saving considering that you may need your engine to stay on if you're travelling downhill, or towing, or both.

Safety features aside, your Banks Bullet Diesel Tuner contains some of the best programming offered for aftermarket tuners. Banks dyno-tunes all their components over and over again, and then they field test their components. Significant amounts of time are spent troubleshooting their modifications, and what they release to the public is only the best that they can come up with. So what's so special? oh, nothing. Just that Gale Banks, the man who invented the twin turbo himself, has assigned his uncompromising engineering team to perfect your tuner's programming.

So if you're in the market for an economically priced diesel tuner, is it smart to spend the extra hundred bucks on a Banks Bullet Diesel Tuner? Well, only if you want proper safety and performance gains for your pick-up. If you're skeptical, give them a call - their customer service agents are always up for a challenge.

Big Hoss Module

The Banks Big Hoss Module is a aftermarket performance module that is applicable for 94-03 Powerstrokes only. These modules come with all standard safety features included on all Banks tuners, programmers, and modules.

Your Banks Big Hoss Module is custom-tuned to your specific vehicle, strictly for retuning after installing your new Big Hoss Bundle - Big Hoss Bundle components can vary depending upon what year/make/model Powerstroke you own. For 6.0L Powerstrokes, your Big Hoss will include turbo components to revamp your busted OE turbo. For 6.4L Powerstrokes, your Big Hoss will include a larger aftermarket intercooler.

Whatever your vehicle application, you can be sure that the Big Hoss Module is tuned to perfection. Banks has cornered the market with performance modifications and tuning because their kits are replications of their best performing prototypes. In other words, they've worked on your specific model pick-up over and over again, and after continually dyno testing different set-ups, they find one single design with specific tuning that works best for your pick-up. This working model is what they build all their components around for your specific kit.

In the same regard, this Big Hoss Module will not give you significant performance gains without installing the Big Hoss Kit along with it. You will see power improvements, but your engine will be improperly tuned, and your engine's longevity will most certainly be further compromised. So if you don't care about proper tuning, go ahead and get a Bullydog and swap it on your stock pick-up. But if you want your truck to gain copious amounts of power without sacrificing your drive-train longevity, get a complete, finely-tuned Banks modification kit.

Banks Power Products - like no other.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Banks Exhaust System

Banks Exhaust Systems are one of a kind. They boast some of the best performance, as they should. But how can they? A tried and true method for the best exhaust system is a custom straight-pipe exhaust, and it still is, right? Yes, and no.

The problem with custom straight pipe exhausts is that they first require calculations for ideal-sized piping and bends. If your exhaust pipes are too wide, it can inhibit your engine's ability to evacuate exhaust gas. Also, pipe bends create airflow resistance - a 4" exhaust system for one vehicle body type can perform very differently from another. Mufflers, DPFs, and Catalytic Converters play into this as well.

So lets say you know what size tubing is ideal for your pick-up's exhaust - done deal, right? Nope, there's still the tuning to deal with. An engineer can utilize a custom straight pipe exhaust when they have a dyno at their disposal, but most buyers for aftermarket components are neither engineers nor dyno shop owners. This is how Banks steps above and beyond the competition.

Banks exhaust systems are geared towards their kits. In other words, a Banks Monster Exhaust can be bought individually and installed for power and fuel efficiency gains, but where it really shines is with all the other Banks components for your vehicle. There are only a few kit names that Banks uses for their kits on all make/model vehicles. This is because they've dyno tested for THE optimal performance for your vehicle, and all their components are geared towards the peak performance of your vehicle.

To give you a better idea, if a PowerPack kit is offered for your vehicle, then you're looking at all the parts that are included in the final design that Gale Banks' engineering team has designed for your vehicle. You're not getting a Smarty tuner with an MBRP exhaust and a K&N intake. You're getting the finest tuning possible for your street-legal application.

So if you're wondering if you should spend the money on a Banks exhaust system, the real question is how you want the end product of your project to end up. Do you want the best fuel economy or fastest vehicle for street legal modifications? It's either Banks or back to the drawing board.

Call Banks today to inquire about your performance gains. They can also set you up with an authorized distributor that can install your parts.

Banks Economind

Banks Power Products not only specialize in improving your vehicle's power. Their products often times pay for themselves because they can either improve the longevity of your vehicle's existing components or decrease the fuel consumption of your vehicle. While Banks components can make a great racing addition for putting more distance between you and your competition, their components are often times installed in industrial application vehicles simply to cut down cost. The Banks Economind tuner is one of those products.

First of all, safety first. Banks tuners and modules always come with the best safety features compared to their competition. All their tuners and modules competely intercept your ECU signal while leaving all signals that need no modications alone. This means your tuner won't inhibit your peripheral devices' ability to function, like your airbags. Also, the Banks tuner is fail-safe. With many other aftermarket tuners, having your unit fail will shut down your engine, which is ridiculously unsafe considering you may be travelling downhill or towing. Your Banks Economind Tuner won't get in the way like others will - if for some reason your unit happens to fail, it will automatically allow your engine's stock programming signal to pass through, so you'll still have functionality at stock tuning.

Besides the failsafe features, your Banks Economind Tuner offers ideal programming for your make/model pick-up. Econominds are designed around towing and long-distance applications, and come standard with 6 different programs to suit your needs. Set your programming for max power, offering +100hp and +200ft-lbs for optimal towing performance. Or set your programming for optimal fuel efficiency, allowing fuel economy gains beyond stock programming. Regardless of which program you've set your pick-up to, your tuner comes with the quality assurance that each program has been dyno-tested for your specific make/model pick-up. In other words, the only way you can get better calibration than you can get with a Banks tuner is to bring your pick-up to the Banks dyno shop at their headquarters, or have somebody else's dyno shop do work on your pick-up.

There's one catch to using an Economind Tuner - you must incorporate a Banks Stinger Kit or PowerPack Kit to reach the optimal calculated performance. Dyno tuning is highly specific, and the quantity of air to your engine must be met with a specific amount of fuel. Without a Banks kit for your intake/exhaust, your tuning will be a crapshoot.

Spend the extra money on Banks Power Products - if you get a cheaper tuner, it won't return your investment as effectively as a Banks tuner. In other words, spending more money with Banks will save you more money!!

Banks Brake

Banks Power Products are number one for quailty aftermarket diesel components, and it's no surprise that they've come out their their own line of brakes to show the competition how brakes should be done. Long story short, aftermarket brakes can be unsafe, and Banks has no problem wearing their performance on their shoulder to show just how meagerly their competitors stand up to them.

First of all, exhaust brakes are supposed to slow you down. But unfortunately, a lot of competing electronic exhaust brakes just don't get the job done - while traveling downhill, your pick-up can actually speed up, which can be hairy considering your wheel brakes may not be enough stopping power if you're towing.

Banks electronic brakes and exhaust brakes differ in that they take all the aspects of your drivetrain into consideration before finalizing their designs. When you're utilizing your exhaust brake, it matters what gear you're braking in, and if your electronic brake for your automatic transmission lets you float around in low RPMs, you won't get very much stopping power at all. The Banks Brake is one of the only electronic brakes that intercept your ECU signal - quicker downshifting will be automatically triggered and transmission lock will be engaged. Also, your shifting will automatically be carried through optimal RPM ranges so your variable geometry turbo will contribute to your braking.

If you ask me, Banks Power Products carry quality assurance that most other aftermarket manufacturers should be required to meet. Why buy a brake that doesn't work? That's just plain unsafe.

Call one of your local Banks distributors today and find out the difference for yourself.

Big Hoss Intake Manifold

Banks Power Products always know how to fix your diesel up for performance suited to your needs. So here's the question for today: if you're making modifications to your diesel pick-up for lots of power, should you get a Banks intake manifold? and if so, when?

As a general rule of thumb, initial performance modifications should start with the trifecta: intake system, exhaust system, and tuner. With these three, you'll already be in several thousand dollars, and your pick-up will show improvements of anywhere from 50hp/50ft-lbs up to 150hp/150ft-lbs. These three systems work together harmoniously by mediating improved airflow through your engine and increasing fuel to match the optimum fuel:air ratio. Would it make sense to get an intake manifold at this point? Probably not yet.

The ideal scenario for incorporating a BEASTLY Banks Big Hoss Intake Manifold is when you're ready to put the cherry on top, or if you're committed to a race-only vehicle that will never see the day of street-legal driving again. Indeed, incorporating a Banks intake manifold would give you great performance improvements, and with all other components needed, you're getting a lot of air through your engine! But the downside is the install for this component tends to be a bit costly. You're better off getting your turbo system upgraded to the desired boost levels first, since the labor will cost you less. On the other hand, if you're going to be ripping pavement apart, this intake manifold is just for you. (just look at the picture on the right, one side installed with a Big Hoss Intake Manifold, and the other with stock intake manifold. They aren't joking!)

The true beauty of this unit is that it will allow your engine to put out +1000hp without needing to boost anywhere near 100psi. The airflow is so unrestrictive that it will literally accept whatever quantity of air you could reasonably throw at it. So would you get this intake manifold if you have a stock exhaust? No, McFly, no. This thing is like having scuba gear for a giant. If you're truck isn't that large and incharge yet, then don't even bother. But if you're ready to get'r done, you need not look any further.

Banks - they have what you need, and what you can't stop drooling over.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Banks Power Turbo

You may be wondering "why doesn't Banks Power Products make a complete turbo kit already?" Truly, that is a good question, and I'm sure that Banks is doing what they can to supplement the demand for their products. But that really isn't the end of this story! If you're interested in installing a Banks Turbo Housing and Flywheel kit on your Ford Powerstroke, the numbers still make sense.

The existing problems with the Powerstroke's Turbo have to do with cost-efficient design. The factory flywheel tends to "float" at high speeds. While it maintains its constant spool-up speed, the flywheel will knock itself while afloat and cause turbine damage. Also, the housing and turbine size cause an overspool that won't help boost your engine's performance.

After modifying and rebuilding your factory Ford Turbo with a Banks Turbo Housing and Flywheel Kit, your turbo will perform at ideal specs without retaining any functional flaws that came with the stock turbo. Adding a Banks Bighead Wastegate will further ensure that your turbo will produce ideal performance when you've modified your vehicle for increased power.

So you may be thinking "that doesn't sound cheap! why not just get a Garrett Turbo?" Well, first of all, if you can get your hands on a Garrett turbo, then you've got your hands on the best commercially manufactured turbo in the world. They're a few hundred dollars more than rebuilding your stock turbo with a Banks Turbo Kit, but that's really not the issue. Garrett turbos just so happen to be one of the most difficult aftermarket components to come by. Order one from somebody that says they have it, and statistics would probably say that over 90% of the time, you've placed an order for an item that you're now waiting for on back-order. Good luck, buddy.

With a Banks Turbo Kit rebuild, what you're going to need to do is find a turbo rebuild shop. This will help keep the initial cost down by hundreds, and if you're lucky, you can end up spending just over $1000 for your newly rebuilt turbo. And as for the performance? Banks technicians will tell you that their turbo set-up only performs a hair below the Garrett ball-bearing turbo.

So what is your best possible option? If you can wait forever, and if you have the extra money to shell out, go ahead and try to find a Garrett turbo for your Powerstroke. But if you can't wait, Banks Power Products have you covered with the next best thing.

As a side note, don't expect that your local dealership will be so forgiving with your turbo rebuild and modification. Your best bet is to consult with your local Banks distributor on whether they work with somebody that does good work for a modest price on turbo rebuilds.

Banks OttoMind Programmer

Banks Power Products are known to be application-specific, so that your components and tuning can match your driving preferences with ideal vehicle performance. The OttoMind is one such product that is exactly that.

While Banks offers tuners and programmers for that come with tuning programs suitable for tinkering around with, they also offer dyno-specific parts and tuners that don't need to tinker. The OttoMind Programmer can really be considered a fuel:air recalibration tool because of the strict programming that it offers. You'll get two standard programs with your OttoMind - one program for vehicles equipped with their Stinger Kit, and one program for vehicles equipped with their PowerPack Kit.

While you may be asking "what's the fun in that?" it's really not about versatile your vehicle can be on the road with this set-up. Say, for example, that you own a motorhome and simply want better power all-around. With one of their kits, and their OttoMind tuner for reprogramming, your motorhome will get the best possible performance with those types of components installed, period. There's no other kit on the market that offers these power and fuel economy improvements while maintaining ideal running so as to not cause excessive wear and tear.

So if you're somebody that wants to change programming on the fly, the OttoMind is not for you. But if you're ready to bump up your vehicle's power permanently, and reap the savory benefits of a finely-tuned machine, then this Programmer is for you.

Banks Billet Torque Converter

For those making performance modifications to your pick-up, one of the less recognized critical components is your torque converter. Your stock torque converter can handle factory power outputs, but as soon as your drivetrain starts putting out more power, you're going to need an upgrade. How important is it? Let's put it this way. If your torque converter fails, it starts expelling plastic bits into the fluid, and that passes into your transmission. From there, those contaminants can make their way onto your planetary gears. Long story short, it's almost a certainty that a damaged torque converter will cause immediate transmission damage. And that kind of repair can get really pricey.

Banks Power Products, as usual, have taken into consideration this model-wide problem and produced a better-than-factory torque converter that can handle the massive amounts of torque required for engine modifications or towing applications. It all starts with the materials. First of all, your the Banks Billet Torque Converter comes standard with billet flex plates, instead of stamped steel flex plates with welded tabs. The clutch surface has replaced the factory sandpaper with a carbon-ceramic material, capable of withstanding greater heat and greater friction. The dual clutch disks increase surface area, for greater response and also less wear and tear. The fins on this torque converter are furnace-brazed in place, instead of fastened in place, offering greater longevity and heat resistance compared to its factory counterpart.

All-in-all, a Banks torque converter is by far more reliable. When your clutch has already suffered damage from normal driving, the shape will distort, and your clutch will continue to degrade (you could call it a death spiral). So the bottom line is that you need a torque converter that can stand the power that your engine is putting out without distorting at all. Look no further than Banks, they've got you covered. Get one today.

Banks Big Head Wastegate Actuator

So you want to know what a Wastegate Actuator does? It regulates your exhaust back-pressure for the purpose of achieving ideal Turbocharger performance. Sounds simple, and it kind of is. When your exhaust gases are providing pressure for driving your Turbocharger's turbine, your turbo will reach peak performance at a certain point, and any excess exhaust pressure needs to be regulated so your Turbocharger doesn't overboost (which causes power decreases from excessive exhaust backpressure, and also turbine damage).

The Banks Bighead Wastegate Actuator provides the extra compensation needed for ideal boosting, where your stock wastegate actuator may fail. OE wastegate actuators are built for cost-efficiency, so they cannot perform well enough when performance modifications have been made to your pick-up for increased power. This is due to the low pressure threshold of stock wastegate actuator springs. When your pick-up has been modified to produce more power, the springs on these actuators cannot handle the extra backpressure from the exhaust, which will result in your exhaust gas leaking out instead of providing boost. The Banks Bighead comes standard with much larger springs, so your turbo will spool as quickly as possible when performance modifications have already been made on your pick-up.

When it comes to diesel performance, trust Banks Power Products as your number one aftermarket provider.

Banks Transcommand

One of the newer trends for pick-ups and SUVs is gearing their specs towards driver-friendly performance for everyday driving. In order to appeal to this demographic, certain manufacturers like Ford have made changes to the original pick-up performance, like smooth shifting. When you're lightly engaging your throttle, your E4OD or 4R100 transmission will slip more because of the lowered hydraulic line pressure, resulting in a silky-smooth shift. But for some pick-up owners this can be a problem. If you're towing, travelling long-distances up graded hills, or even if you've made performance modifications to your pick-up, this smooth shift for can become an issue of laggy shifting. Not only that - longer shifting times means your clutch is creating more friction, and likewise more friction heat. This heat will dissipate into your transmission fluid, and for those who know about transmission problems, having hot transmission fluid is a BIG red flag.

For those that wish to keep their pick-up with the credo of power, performance, and getting work done, Banks Power Products offers their Transcommand Control Module. In essence, the Transcommand monitors your transmission and throttle the same as your EEC. Its only function is to accelerate your hydraulic line pressure increase depending on how hard you stomp on the throttle. In other words, if you're accelerating slowly, your stock EEC won't recognize the extra load on your transmission if you're towing, going uphill, or if you've made performance modifications for power gains. The Transcommand will recognize this extra load, and likewise, will increase your hydraulic line pressure for quicker response and greater power translated to the road.

While some might add the Transcommand Control Module simply to gain better road response when stomping the throttle, there are still other reasons for incorporating this to your pick-up. By cutting the shift time down, your clutch will produce less heat and will experience less stress. Because of this, some shipping companies and other various parties have incorporated the Transcommand simply because it prolongs the longevity of your transmission and extends the time between transmission maintenance.

So for those that cringe at Starbucks-sucking yuppies who never use their pick-up or SUV off-road, who never take road trips, who never use their SUV or pick-up for work - if you're one of those people that really uses the pick-up or SUV for what it's meant to do, a Transcommand Control Module will help you have the best of both words. You'll get soft shifting while coasting in traffic, and stiff shifting for when you're gettin down to business. Banks Power Products - they give you what you want from your pick-up and SUV.

Banks Diesel Tuners

Banks Power Products are widely known for their production of quality aftermarket fabrications. It's no surprise, considering how Gale Banks and his awesome engineering team have won awards for their major contributions to diesel performance. How do they do it? Well, if you had to put it simply, it's knowledge, experience, and the resolve to get the job done. Anytime Banks and his team touch any vehicle, they find a way to soup it up better than it was, and they do a better job than anybody else can with like-components.

One of the cornerstones for their success has been their exceptional line of engine tuners and programmers. People often wonder about the stark price difference in programmers and tuners, depending upon which brand you buy. The simple answer to that is you're not really paying for silicon. Sure, the tuner hardware doesn't cost much to make when it's only made of computer circuitry. But the challenging aspect of fabricating these tuners comes from efficient circuitry design, and mostly the software programming that comes on your programmer or tuner.

One big difference between Banks and most other aftermarket tuner manufacturers is that Banks stands behind their product. For many other companies, if your tuner isn't working properly, they'll simply replace the tuner without being able to help you troubleshoot the problem. This means it's more affordable to replace their components rather than affording to troubleshoot and maintain their products. How could you stand behind a product like that?

Banks always costs a bit more than these shady manufacturers, but they also stand behind their product. If their product fails and they can't figure out why it's failing over the phone, they may just ask you to bring in your pick-up to their headquarters so their engineers can fix the problem themselves (or your money back, if you can't make it there). Banks programmers are designed around quality performance, period.

For example, the Banks Bullet Tuner, Six-Gun Tuner, Big Hoss Tuner, and EconoMind Tuner have Clean-Tune Technology and hard-wired safety parameters. The clean-tune technology accepts all signals from your ECU instead of taking part of the signal, and redistributes all signals without interrupting anything except your modified parameters - in other words, it won't interrupt your air bags like other cheaply made tuners can. With the hardwired safety parameters, incase your tuner fails or short circuits, your Banks Tuner signal will simply disappear while allowing your factory signal to pass through uninterrupted. Other cheaply made tuners won't allow your factory signal to pass through when they fail, so your engine will shut off, perhaps in the most inappropriate time like while traveling downhill. Imagine your cheaply-made tuner shuts off your engine in a situation where you need some sort of brakes to avoid a collision, and everyone in the pick-up starts freaking out! Bad news. If you want to spend less money by purchasing a tuner instead of a programmer, you should probably spend a little more on a Banks tuner just for its safety features.

Banks Power Tuners come in several different models because they're fabricated to specific applications and specific make/model pick-ups. The EconoMind Tuner is specifically programmed for towing and utility applications. The Six-Gun Tuner is specifically programmed for sport and racing applications. Their all-in-one units are value-priced, and come as either a Six-Gun (for sport applications) or Bullet Tuner (all-around), for on-the-fly towing, sport, or economy programming.

If you're willing to spend a bit more money, their AutoMind and Ottomind Programmers can offer slightly better performance. As a general rule, Programmers offer a cleaner signal than Tuners because Tuners interrupt your ECU's signal and augment it before sending the signal out. Programmers differ in that they reprogram your ECU, so your initial signal is never interrupted. Their OttoMind Programmer is their fuel recalibration tool for specific make/models, only offering programming for Banks prefabricated Stinger or PowerPack Kits. The AutoMind Programmer is their performance programmer, offering a wide range of programs for improved power, improved fuel economy, or anything in between that's worth using. You can use their AutoMind Programmer regardless of whether you've added other their other components, though it is advised that you refrain from max power programming if you do not have their Stinger or PowerPack components installed.

Banks does cost a little bit more, but with Banks, you're getting what you paid for. When it comes to the safety of your driving experience and the longevity of your drive-train, there's no question - buy Banks, or you'll probably be sorry.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Banks Power Products for Dodge Gas Trucks

Dodge owners know that they're getting a great value for their money. Their pick-up may not last as long as Japanese-made, but at least their engine will get comparable power to any other American-made pick-up with while offering great reliability compared to any other American-made gas pick-up engine (who doesn't love the HEMI?)

Banks Power Products for Dodge Gas Trucks will start you off with the best possible power improvements while retaining the same reliability. Of course, the more power your engine puts out, the greater the wear and tear. But that's what's great about American manufacturers - they know you want more power, so they design their engines for power and let you decide how much extra wear and tear you want put on your engine.

Starting with a Monster Exhaust System, you can retain your factory specs and reliability while decreasing exhaust back-pressure by 88%. This will pump your hp, torque, and fuel economy upwards while managing exhaust heat better than a stock exhaust. Add their AutoMind Tuner, and you can reprogram your ECU to anything from max power to max fuel economy settings. Also, you can read your engine error codes, adjust your shift firmness, remove your rev limiter, etc.

By incorporating a Banks iQ Display, you can make these modifications on-the-fly without having to shut off your engine - great for alternating between towing, everyday driving, or long-distance applications. Also, the Banks iQ Display will do everything that a Palm PDA can do, so you can watch movies, view your Microsoft Office documents, utilize your satellite navigation - pretty much everything a Palm Pilot can do except browse the internet.

You may be wondering about other components currently offered by Banks that aren't offered for this make/model pick-up. As for your intake system, your best bet is probably just dropping a fatty K&N Filter. Reason being, Banks probably tried to create a Ram-Air intake system for Dodge gas applications, but most likely didn't find any significant performance improvements with an intake housing. In other words, Banks always has you covered on the basics, and shame on you for asking.

If you have any further performance modifications to make to your pick-up, Banks will work with your custom job to make sure you get the best possible results. Want to incorporate their components when you've already custom installed a Garrett turbo on your Dodge gas pick-up? No problem, just give them a call. Their technicians are ready to answer your questions, and are available Monday through Friday anytime during normal business hours.

Banks Power Products for Volkswagon Diesel Chttp://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gifars

So you want to soup up your Volkswagon TDI, and you're looking for the best possible options. Well, there's the good news and the bad news -

The good news is that Banks is already on top of it. Currently offered under Banks Power Products are their Monster Exhaust System, which will boost your hp, torque, and fuel economy. But this is old news, and there's already so many alternatives to their exhaust system. So if their Monster Exhaust doesn't offer significant improvements compared to lesser quality aftermarket exhaust components, then why buy Banks?

This is where it gets interesting. For the past couple years, Banks has been working with Bosch on the TDI. They've already made a press release on their current race-ready street-legal prototype, and frankly, it's badass. Here are some of the mods:

A Banks Six-Gun Engine Tuner + the Banks iQ Display/Interface.
A Banks Ram-Air Intake
A Banks Stinger Exhaust System
Billstein Sport Strut suspension on all four corners
25mm front & rear tubular anti-roll bars

So the real question is "why can't I get all this yet?" The final word, it's still in the final stages of R&D. Nobody really knows when Gale Banks will finally release these components, but one thing's for sure - if you own a TDI and you're just learning about this now, you're probably hanging on the edge of your seat screaming like everybody else. Rumor has it that this complete kit won't raise your peak power by much, but will instead widen your power curve for a lot more low-end pop and quicker turbo spooling.

So if you're wondering if you should buy Banks Power Products for your Volkswagon Diesel TDI, the answer is simple. If you can wait, then wait - without a doubt, Banks' kit will be the beezneez, and will most likely wipe out their competition. But if you want more than an aftermarket exhaust for your TDI right NOW, there are other manufacturers that produce full kits for your TDI already. So... you gotta do what you gotta do.

Banks Power Products for Toyota Trucks

If you own a Toyota truck, you probably already know what you're getting and what you're missing, compared to other model pick-ups. Toyota's run great and are dependable for long-term ownership, but if you're into having massive amounts of power, a Toyota pick-up may not be your top pick.

For those that truly appreciate Toyota trucks for what they have to offer, you may have wondered how you could possibly get more power without compromising the integrity of your drivetrain. This is where you should be looking at aftermarket parts that have been tested, tested again, and then tested once more just to be sure - parts like Banks Power Products for Toyota Trucks.

Banks offers their Monster Exhaust System for various body styles for all Toyota truck models made after 2000. The stock exhaust is probably the only component that will always need replacing on a Toyota truck - reason being, it saves a lot of cost producing exhausts out of lesser quality materials, and stock exhausts are usually first candidate for cost-efficient fabrication because they make the smallest impact on your vehicle's longevity when they get damaged. But that doesn't mean exhaust systems aren't important! A new Monster Exhaust System will show improvements of over 10hp and 10ft-lbs for any Toyota pick-up, which is significant considering the relatively low power that it already produces.

So what about a tuner or programmer? Banks doesn't offer one for Toyota's because it isn't needed. If you purchase a tuner or programmer from another aftermarket manufacturer, it will most definitely cause engine damage - that's why Banks doesn't make one. Toyota trucks come standard with a self-adjusting ECU, so your ECU will automatically make programming adjustments to compensate for the increased airflow. To make your pick-up run at peak efficiency, it's advised that you use premium high-octane fuel to attain the optimum fuel:air ratio.

If beefing up your Toyota beyond factory specs is what you want to do (it will most certainly kill your engine more quickly) then Banks can still help with your custom component installs, whether you're doing a custom turbo install, nitrous injection, or whatever! If you have an engineer helping you out every step of the way, go ahead and buy whatever they suggest - but if you want high-quality performance improvements to ideal specs, go with Banks Power Products for your Toyota Truck.