Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Automind Handheld Programmer

The Banks Automind Handheld Programmer is one of the top sellers for Banks Power Products. To put it bluntly, this programmer is a one-time purchase that will take care of all your programming needs. Yes, there are many programmers out there that offer all-around tuning for all commonly manufactured vehicles, but Banks still stands apart from their competition as usual. And don't get me wrong - you're not really paying more money for bulletproof hardware. You're paying extra money for rock-solid software - Banks dyno-tests all their products and software programs, and then releases free beta versions for trial, so that they can troubleshoot their products before publicly releasing anything for sale.

Your Banks Automind Handheld Programmer comes with all standard features that current programmers should come with - adjust your limiters, adjust your speedometer calibration based on tire size, adjust cooling fan activation temp, adjust shift points and firmness, adjust fuel economy tuning, troubleshoot error codes, and update your tuning via the internet. You can get all these functions with any other reliable programmer, but your engine tuning will still be better with Banks.

As a side note, a new version of the Automind is now out for sale, in preparation for the new age of performance modifications. The Automind Flash module is a standalone module that links with the Banks iQ Display. With the Flash module, you will have all the same features as the Automind Programmer, and it can be used and adjusted on-the-fly as well. But some of you must be thinking "and?", since Banks seems to be synonymous with having your cake and eating it too. There is an "and", but as usual, the bad news is that you're going to have to wait until Banks is done with their research and development on their new products.

The Banks Automind Flash module is one part of two. It's primary function is a data-relay module. With the incorporation of the Banks "Brick" (which is still under development), your Automind Flash module will not only interface with your OBD port. The Banks "Brick" will interface with all other peripherals that do not connect to your stock OBD port (like temp readings, boost readings, nitrous/water/propane injection, etc.), and the "Brick" itself will host multiple OBD ports for interfacing your Automind Flash module. In other words, when the "Brick" comes out, your Automind Flash module with iQ display will give you the ability to monitor, record, and modify ALL of your electronic components. Just imagine being able to do everything (realistic) you saw in all the Fast and Furious movies on a mounted, palm-sized computer. This is the true function and purpose of the Automind Flash module.

If there's any question in your mind as to why or how you should purchase Banks Power Products, give Banks a call today. Their technicians are always willing to enlighten anybody about how their competitors just don't stand up to their challenge.

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