Friday, January 13, 2012

Banks Big Head Wastegate Actuator

So you want to know what a Wastegate Actuator does? It regulates your exhaust back-pressure for the purpose of achieving ideal Turbocharger performance. Sounds simple, and it kind of is. When your exhaust gases are providing pressure for driving your Turbocharger's turbine, your turbo will reach peak performance at a certain point, and any excess exhaust pressure needs to be regulated so your Turbocharger doesn't overboost (which causes power decreases from excessive exhaust backpressure, and also turbine damage).

The Banks Bighead Wastegate Actuator provides the extra compensation needed for ideal boosting, where your stock wastegate actuator may fail. OE wastegate actuators are built for cost-efficiency, so they cannot perform well enough when performance modifications have been made to your pick-up for increased power. This is due to the low pressure threshold of stock wastegate actuator springs. When your pick-up has been modified to produce more power, the springs on these actuators cannot handle the extra backpressure from the exhaust, which will result in your exhaust gas leaking out instead of providing boost. The Banks Bighead comes standard with much larger springs, so your turbo will spool as quickly as possible when performance modifications have already been made on your pick-up.

When it comes to diesel performance, trust Banks Power Products as your number one aftermarket provider.

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