Friday, January 27, 2012

Banks Big Hoss

If you're talking about a Banks Big Hoss Bundle, there's only one thing you can be talking about. The Big Hoss Bundle is a Banks Power Product, its name designated to all performance kits that include virtually everything that Banks sells and distributes for your diesel pick-up. If you're not sure what I mean, please read on.

Banks makes oodles of components for various style diesels, varying in driving applications as well. Banks Power Products only advertise and distribute their street-legal systems that are tried and true. So if you purchase a Big Hoss Bundle, you will be getting all the components that Banks has produced for their best street-legal version of your pick-up. These kits will retain your Catalytic Converter, DPF, and Muffler unless you purchase a delete pipe as well. These kits will not void your factory warranty and will also pass smog, so long as your ECU is set at factory tuning while conducting the smog test.

What is not included in your Banks Big Hoss Bundle is everything that Banks makes for your diesel that is not street legal and/or has not been publicly released for sale as of yet. For example, a Big Hoss Bundle for a 2008 GMC S-10 diesel will not include any of the same components that Banks used to create their 7.87 second/quarter mile twin-turbo monstrosity. Another example, the Volkswagon TDI components that have been talked about since 2009. The TDI currently does not have a Big Hoss Bundle available because their Monster Exhaust is the only kit being sold for this vehicle. However, Banks has already created the ultimate TDI modification kit and has had successful test runs over and over since 2009, they just simply haven't released those prototype parts for manufacturing yet. You could say this is one downside to Banks' unfailing resolve to maintain the highest quality standards.

If you're wondering how a Banks Big Hoss Bundle will stand up to similar products from different manufacturers, you really only need to know that Banks has better kits than anybody else. Even somebody who is unfamiliar with our current automotive technology can understand why - any significant modifications made to your fuel, air, or drivetrain needs to be accounted for, and needs to fit ideal tuning specs.

When twin-turbos were a new thing, when straight-pipe exhausts were the thing to do for improving your diesel muscle car's power, you knew you'd always had to dial all your parts in and tune everything as perfectly as possible. This is still true today. If you're buying aftermarket components from multiple manufacturers to modify your diesel, you had better have a background in engineering and a dyno shop handy! If you don't have this knowledge at your disposal, then you're pretty much throwing random parts into your diesel based on here-say. Components from different manufacturers are tuned differently. I can't think of a better way to have fun while killing your engine.

Banks kits come tuned specifically to function interdependently with minimal resistance. If you get a Big Hoss Bundle for your 03 Powerstroke, it will come with a turbo flywheel that no other Big Hoss Bundle comes with, because only those Powerstrokes had a poorly constructed flywheel. Also, their flywheel and turbo housing will function better with the rest of the Big Hoss components than your stock turbo will. The slightly smaller turbo and wheel will give you quicker boost where and when it matters most, and the Banks BigHead Wastegate Actuator will making overboosting and exhaust seepage a near impossibility. In other words, the ideal performance specs that the manufacturer designed your pick-up to perform under will be more closely attained by incorporating any street-legal Banks kit.

Call Banks today and ask them how their Big Hoss Bundle will unleash the hidden potential of your diesel pick-up.

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