Friday, January 13, 2012

Banks Billet Torque Converter

For those making performance modifications to your pick-up, one of the less recognized critical components is your torque converter. Your stock torque converter can handle factory power outputs, but as soon as your drivetrain starts putting out more power, you're going to need an upgrade. How important is it? Let's put it this way. If your torque converter fails, it starts expelling plastic bits into the fluid, and that passes into your transmission. From there, those contaminants can make their way onto your planetary gears. Long story short, it's almost a certainty that a damaged torque converter will cause immediate transmission damage. And that kind of repair can get really pricey.

Banks Power Products, as usual, have taken into consideration this model-wide problem and produced a better-than-factory torque converter that can handle the massive amounts of torque required for engine modifications or towing applications. It all starts with the materials. First of all, your the Banks Billet Torque Converter comes standard with billet flex plates, instead of stamped steel flex plates with welded tabs. The clutch surface has replaced the factory sandpaper with a carbon-ceramic material, capable of withstanding greater heat and greater friction. The dual clutch disks increase surface area, for greater response and also less wear and tear. The fins on this torque converter are furnace-brazed in place, instead of fastened in place, offering greater longevity and heat resistance compared to its factory counterpart.

All-in-all, a Banks torque converter is by far more reliable. When your clutch has already suffered damage from normal driving, the shape will distort, and your clutch will continue to degrade (you could call it a death spiral). So the bottom line is that you need a torque converter that can stand the power that your engine is putting out without distorting at all. Look no further than Banks, they've got you covered. Get one today.

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