Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Banks Brake

Banks Power Products are number one for quailty aftermarket diesel components, and it's no surprise that they've come out their their own line of brakes to show the competition how brakes should be done. Long story short, aftermarket brakes can be unsafe, and Banks has no problem wearing their performance on their shoulder to show just how meagerly their competitors stand up to them.

First of all, exhaust brakes are supposed to slow you down. But unfortunately, a lot of competing electronic exhaust brakes just don't get the job done - while traveling downhill, your pick-up can actually speed up, which can be hairy considering your wheel brakes may not be enough stopping power if you're towing.

Banks electronic brakes and exhaust brakes differ in that they take all the aspects of your drivetrain into consideration before finalizing their designs. When you're utilizing your exhaust brake, it matters what gear you're braking in, and if your electronic brake for your automatic transmission lets you float around in low RPMs, you won't get very much stopping power at all. The Banks Brake is one of the only electronic brakes that intercept your ECU signal - quicker downshifting will be automatically triggered and transmission lock will be engaged. Also, your shifting will automatically be carried through optimal RPM ranges so your variable geometry turbo will contribute to your braking.

If you ask me, Banks Power Products carry quality assurance that most other aftermarket manufacturers should be required to meet. Why buy a brake that doesn't work? That's just plain unsafe.

Call one of your local Banks distributors today and find out the difference for yourself.

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