Friday, January 20, 2012

Banks Bullet Diesel Tuner

Banks Power Products always cost a bit more than their competitors, but it's all for good reason. Most aftermarket component manufacturers spend lots of their own money on marketing, and likewise this fee is reflected in the cost and quality of your product. But not Banks. Why do Banks components generally cost more? Because that money that other companies invest in marketing is strictly invested in engineering at Banks. Their customer service agents are actually capable of troubleshooting their products. If you can't get your part installed properly at one of their approved distributors, they will personally assist you with your component install. And, perhaps most importantly, their products generally cover all the bases that other aftermarket companies have missed.

The Banks Bullet Diesel Tuner is simple-looking, unimposing, and may leave you wondering what's so special about it in comparison to other tuners. First of all, economy tuners are generally unsafe. Banks tuners are one of a kind in that they will not interrupt your ECU's signal when it shouldn't be. In other words, your Banks tuner won't inhibit your airbag functionality. Your Banks tuner won't send a poor signal to your ECU like many aftermarket components do, which causes poor engine functionality. Your Banks tuner won't even shut off your engine if it fails, like many aftermarket components will, which is potentially life-saving considering that you may need your engine to stay on if you're travelling downhill, or towing, or both.

Safety features aside, your Banks Bullet Diesel Tuner contains some of the best programming offered for aftermarket tuners. Banks dyno-tunes all their components over and over again, and then they field test their components. Significant amounts of time are spent troubleshooting their modifications, and what they release to the public is only the best that they can come up with. So what's so special? oh, nothing. Just that Gale Banks, the man who invented the twin turbo himself, has assigned his uncompromising engineering team to perfect your tuner's programming.

So if you're in the market for an economically priced diesel tuner, is it smart to spend the extra hundred bucks on a Banks Bullet Diesel Tuner? Well, only if you want proper safety and performance gains for your pick-up. If you're skeptical, give them a call - their customer service agents are always up for a challenge.

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