Friday, January 13, 2012

Banks Diesel Tuners

Banks Power Products are widely known for their production of quality aftermarket fabrications. It's no surprise, considering how Gale Banks and his awesome engineering team have won awards for their major contributions to diesel performance. How do they do it? Well, if you had to put it simply, it's knowledge, experience, and the resolve to get the job done. Anytime Banks and his team touch any vehicle, they find a way to soup it up better than it was, and they do a better job than anybody else can with like-components.

One of the cornerstones for their success has been their exceptional line of engine tuners and programmers. People often wonder about the stark price difference in programmers and tuners, depending upon which brand you buy. The simple answer to that is you're not really paying for silicon. Sure, the tuner hardware doesn't cost much to make when it's only made of computer circuitry. But the challenging aspect of fabricating these tuners comes from efficient circuitry design, and mostly the software programming that comes on your programmer or tuner.

One big difference between Banks and most other aftermarket tuner manufacturers is that Banks stands behind their product. For many other companies, if your tuner isn't working properly, they'll simply replace the tuner without being able to help you troubleshoot the problem. This means it's more affordable to replace their components rather than affording to troubleshoot and maintain their products. How could you stand behind a product like that?

Banks always costs a bit more than these shady manufacturers, but they also stand behind their product. If their product fails and they can't figure out why it's failing over the phone, they may just ask you to bring in your pick-up to their headquarters so their engineers can fix the problem themselves (or your money back, if you can't make it there). Banks programmers are designed around quality performance, period.

For example, the Banks Bullet Tuner, Six-Gun Tuner, Big Hoss Tuner, and EconoMind Tuner have Clean-Tune Technology and hard-wired safety parameters. The clean-tune technology accepts all signals from your ECU instead of taking part of the signal, and redistributes all signals without interrupting anything except your modified parameters - in other words, it won't interrupt your air bags like other cheaply made tuners can. With the hardwired safety parameters, incase your tuner fails or short circuits, your Banks Tuner signal will simply disappear while allowing your factory signal to pass through uninterrupted. Other cheaply made tuners won't allow your factory signal to pass through when they fail, so your engine will shut off, perhaps in the most inappropriate time like while traveling downhill. Imagine your cheaply-made tuner shuts off your engine in a situation where you need some sort of brakes to avoid a collision, and everyone in the pick-up starts freaking out! Bad news. If you want to spend less money by purchasing a tuner instead of a programmer, you should probably spend a little more on a Banks tuner just for its safety features.

Banks Power Tuners come in several different models because they're fabricated to specific applications and specific make/model pick-ups. The EconoMind Tuner is specifically programmed for towing and utility applications. The Six-Gun Tuner is specifically programmed for sport and racing applications. Their all-in-one units are value-priced, and come as either a Six-Gun (for sport applications) or Bullet Tuner (all-around), for on-the-fly towing, sport, or economy programming.

If you're willing to spend a bit more money, their AutoMind and Ottomind Programmers can offer slightly better performance. As a general rule, Programmers offer a cleaner signal than Tuners because Tuners interrupt your ECU's signal and augment it before sending the signal out. Programmers differ in that they reprogram your ECU, so your initial signal is never interrupted. Their OttoMind Programmer is their fuel recalibration tool for specific make/models, only offering programming for Banks prefabricated Stinger or PowerPack Kits. The AutoMind Programmer is their performance programmer, offering a wide range of programs for improved power, improved fuel economy, or anything in between that's worth using. You can use their AutoMind Programmer regardless of whether you've added other their other components, though it is advised that you refrain from max power programming if you do not have their Stinger or PowerPack components installed.

Banks does cost a little bit more, but with Banks, you're getting what you paid for. When it comes to the safety of your driving experience and the longevity of your drive-train, there's no question - buy Banks, or you'll probably be sorry.

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