Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Banks Economind

Banks Power Products not only specialize in improving your vehicle's power. Their products often times pay for themselves because they can either improve the longevity of your vehicle's existing components or decrease the fuel consumption of your vehicle. While Banks components can make a great racing addition for putting more distance between you and your competition, their components are often times installed in industrial application vehicles simply to cut down cost. The Banks Economind tuner is one of those products.

First of all, safety first. Banks tuners and modules always come with the best safety features compared to their competition. All their tuners and modules competely intercept your ECU signal while leaving all signals that need no modications alone. This means your tuner won't inhibit your peripheral devices' ability to function, like your airbags. Also, the Banks tuner is fail-safe. With many other aftermarket tuners, having your unit fail will shut down your engine, which is ridiculously unsafe considering you may be travelling downhill or towing. Your Banks Economind Tuner won't get in the way like others will - if for some reason your unit happens to fail, it will automatically allow your engine's stock programming signal to pass through, so you'll still have functionality at stock tuning.

Besides the failsafe features, your Banks Economind Tuner offers ideal programming for your make/model pick-up. Econominds are designed around towing and long-distance applications, and come standard with 6 different programs to suit your needs. Set your programming for max power, offering +100hp and +200ft-lbs for optimal towing performance. Or set your programming for optimal fuel efficiency, allowing fuel economy gains beyond stock programming. Regardless of which program you've set your pick-up to, your tuner comes with the quality assurance that each program has been dyno-tested for your specific make/model pick-up. In other words, the only way you can get better calibration than you can get with a Banks tuner is to bring your pick-up to the Banks dyno shop at their headquarters, or have somebody else's dyno shop do work on your pick-up.

There's one catch to using an Economind Tuner - you must incorporate a Banks Stinger Kit or PowerPack Kit to reach the optimal calculated performance. Dyno tuning is highly specific, and the quantity of air to your engine must be met with a specific amount of fuel. Without a Banks kit for your intake/exhaust, your tuning will be a crapshoot.

Spend the extra money on Banks Power Products - if you get a cheaper tuner, it won't return your investment as effectively as a Banks tuner. In other words, spending more money with Banks will save you more money!!

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