Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Banks Exhaust System

Banks Exhaust Systems are one of a kind. They boast some of the best performance, as they should. But how can they? A tried and true method for the best exhaust system is a custom straight-pipe exhaust, and it still is, right? Yes, and no.

The problem with custom straight pipe exhausts is that they first require calculations for ideal-sized piping and bends. If your exhaust pipes are too wide, it can inhibit your engine's ability to evacuate exhaust gas. Also, pipe bends create airflow resistance - a 4" exhaust system for one vehicle body type can perform very differently from another. Mufflers, DPFs, and Catalytic Converters play into this as well.

So lets say you know what size tubing is ideal for your pick-up's exhaust - done deal, right? Nope, there's still the tuning to deal with. An engineer can utilize a custom straight pipe exhaust when they have a dyno at their disposal, but most buyers for aftermarket components are neither engineers nor dyno shop owners. This is how Banks steps above and beyond the competition.

Banks exhaust systems are geared towards their kits. In other words, a Banks Monster Exhaust can be bought individually and installed for power and fuel efficiency gains, but where it really shines is with all the other Banks components for your vehicle. There are only a few kit names that Banks uses for their kits on all make/model vehicles. This is because they've dyno tested for THE optimal performance for your vehicle, and all their components are geared towards the peak performance of your vehicle.

To give you a better idea, if a PowerPack kit is offered for your vehicle, then you're looking at all the parts that are included in the final design that Gale Banks' engineering team has designed for your vehicle. You're not getting a Smarty tuner with an MBRP exhaust and a K&N intake. You're getting the finest tuning possible for your street-legal application.

So if you're wondering if you should spend the money on a Banks exhaust system, the real question is how you want the end product of your project to end up. Do you want the best fuel economy or fastest vehicle for street legal modifications? It's either Banks or back to the drawing board.

Call Banks today to inquire about your performance gains. They can also set you up with an authorized distributor that can install your parts.

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