Friday, January 13, 2012

Banks OttoMind Programmer

Banks Power Products are known to be application-specific, so that your components and tuning can match your driving preferences with ideal vehicle performance. The OttoMind is one such product that is exactly that.

While Banks offers tuners and programmers for that come with tuning programs suitable for tinkering around with, they also offer dyno-specific parts and tuners that don't need to tinker. The OttoMind Programmer can really be considered a fuel:air recalibration tool because of the strict programming that it offers. You'll get two standard programs with your OttoMind - one program for vehicles equipped with their Stinger Kit, and one program for vehicles equipped with their PowerPack Kit.

While you may be asking "what's the fun in that?" it's really not about versatile your vehicle can be on the road with this set-up. Say, for example, that you own a motorhome and simply want better power all-around. With one of their kits, and their OttoMind tuner for reprogramming, your motorhome will get the best possible performance with those types of components installed, period. There's no other kit on the market that offers these power and fuel economy improvements while maintaining ideal running so as to not cause excessive wear and tear.

So if you're somebody that wants to change programming on the fly, the OttoMind is not for you. But if you're ready to bump up your vehicle's power permanently, and reap the savory benefits of a finely-tuned machine, then this Programmer is for you.

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