Monday, January 23, 2012

Banks Power Elbow

When making performance modifications to your diesel pick-up, it's important to incorporate corresponding components that will respond to one another. Banks starts from the ground up - exhaust systems, intake systems, etc. Your exhaust elbow is one important component that can be included with your basic upgrades, or can made later when you're upgrading further, like replacing your turbo.

The Banks Power Elbow installs on your exhaust manifold before your downpipe, providing a steadfast inlet for your exhaust pipes at the downward bend from your engine. With their improved design, your exhaust backpressure will decrease by 40%, also decreasing your EGTs and increasing your boost figures slightly. Altogether, you'll get improved power, improved fuel economy, lowered EGTs for further modification capability, and decreased turbo spool time (further improvements made with the addition of an exhaust kit, intake kit, tuner, manifolds, etc.).

While you may be wondering how such a small component can cost you more than a couple hundred bucks, it's really a matter of mastering your engine's critical components. Gale Banks Engineering Inc. has specialized in fine-tuning diesel performance for decades now - it's just what they do. Recently, Volkswagon has put them up to the challenge of retuning their TDI diesel cars, and they've already done so with flying colors (even though those parts haven't been released for public sale yet). One thing is always certain with Banks Power Product performance - they may not work well with components from other manufacturers, but their reliable parts are always compatible with each other. Get a Banks Power Elbow with one of their exhaust kits, and you're sure to come back hungry for one of their tuners.

Banks engineering is the industry standard for quality diesel modifications. Their technicians are always available during normal business hours to take your call, so give them a try today.

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