Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Banks Power Products for Ford Gas Motorhomes

Owning a motorhome can be one of the most rewarding tools for realizing your recreational activities. But on the flip side, motorhomes can be difficult to drive considering their large payload and bulky dimensions. If you own a Ford motorhome, you know all too well how your Powerstroke motorhome experiences similar performance issues to any Ford Powerstroke. And likewise, your motorhome's performance can be significantly improved upon with minimal modifications. This is where companies like Banks can help, by replacing illegitimate OE components with Banks Power Products for Ford Gas Motorhomes that allow your drivetrain to perform at optimal efficiency.

First of all, stock exhaust systems just... need to be done away with completely. It's rather shocking that a simple exhaust system swap can improve your engine's power, fuel efficiency, and longevity. By providing enough flow-through in your exhaust, your engine can perform slightly beyond factory specs with greatly improved consistency and reliability. Your exhaust temps will be lowered, causing less heat damage; your airflow resistance around kinks and bends will be eliminated, providing less exhaust backpressure, especially at high rpm's where you'll hit your power threshold; and with the addition of an exhaust manifold, your performance exhaust can scavenge spent exhaust away from your cylinders, providing more fresh air and fuel to each combustion cycle. Why don't Fords come this way already? I cannot say. But what is painfully obvious is that spending a few thousand extra can help your engine perform the way it should.

So, if you're improving your exhaust system, you might as well improve your intake system as well. By incorporating the correct intake set-up with ideal housing and tubing, you will not only increase airflow to your engine - your intake air temperatures will be lower, resulting in lower exhaust temperatures, and also resulting in slightly increased power. Because colder air is more dense, your engine will get more oxygen within the same volume of air for every combustion cycle. Again, with improved power and reliability, this system is a win-win that should be in every Powerstroke.

Now your motorhome has extra power, but what about uphill? Such a large vehicle will always have clutch slippage under extreme conditions, and by adding more power, your stock torque converter will really be slipping while trying to trudge uphill. What you'll need to supplement this extra power is a Banks Billet Torque Converter, which is constructed with better materials and to a higher quality standard than your stock torque converter. Get around 1100ft-lbs of torque translated to your motorhome tires, instead of a measly 700ft-lbs. And to compensate for any slight slippage that may still occur under extreme conditions, Banks also offers their Transcommand Module for applicable motorhome models. With a transcommand, your transmission will automatically adjust soft shifting to locked shifting depending upon driving conditions, offering comfort for easy driving and reliability for uphill/towing.

For Class A Ford Motorhomes between 05'-11', you can also reprogram your chip with the Banks Ottomind Programmer. This programmer offers fine tuning for when you've already added the Banks Stinger Kit or PowerPack Kit to your motorhome. Additional functions featured on this unit are diagnostic capabilities and engine function display.

All-in-all, a complete Banks Power Pack or Stinger System will provide up to +50hp, +70ft-lbs of torque, and 7% improved fuel economy simultaneously. In other words, you'll have a much easier time going through mountain roads, a much easier time merging onto highways, and even the ride will be smoother. If you can afford to make these improvements to your well-used motorhome, why shouldn't you do it? I can't think of any reason not to.

Unlike many aftermarket component manufacturers, Banks adds power to your ride without further compromising the integrity of your drivetrain at all. Check out Banks Power Products the next time you consider improving your motorhome's performance.

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