Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Banks Power Products for GM Gas Trucks

When making performance modifications to your pick-up, it's always worth considering how carefully your aftermarket parts were fabricated. It's a lot like going out to eat - you have to accept what somebody else makes for you, unless you want to go through the trouble of finding all the ingredients and putting it all together yourself. For those who know how to cook, it may make more sense to stay indoors, but even for knowledgeable people, putting together a worthwhile dinner can be a pain in the butt, especially when you don't have the time. Banks Power Products is like the mom 'n pop restaurant that you can always rely upon - it really doesn't matter what they come out with. You know that because they're selling it, it must be worth buying. For some businesses, quality service is top priority. And while some customers might not notice it, there is no faking or mimicking true quality.

Banks Power Products for GM Gas Trucks are definitely no exception to Banks' quality line of performance components. Let's start with their Monster Exhaust System, coming in single or dual options. By replacing your stock exhaust pipes with a Banks Monster Exhaust, your exhaust backpressure decreases up to 94%, providing much less resistance to the engine, especially at higher RPMs. Incorporating a Banks Ram-Air Intake System will further increase airflow to your engine and improve the performance of your exhaust. Having dyno-tested all their performance components, their Ram-Air Intake System provides 29% more airflow than a stock intake, and also outperforms standalone filters by incorporating a flow-efficient filter housing. With the intake housing installed properly, your intake will pull air from the cool spots under your hood, and incoming air will be significantly cooler - cooler air provides more power by retaining more oxygen per unit volume. Also, this temperature drop will be reflected on the flip side - you'll see the same drop in EGTs, which helps to keep your drive train from overheating, ideal for performance tuning applications.

To get the most out of your exhaust and intake systems, you can take it a step further by incorporating the Banks TorqueTube Exhaust Manifold Kit. With an efficient exhaust manifold, you can further decrease your exhaust backpressure (allowing for more power, especially at higher RPMs), and you now have a component that offers scavenging for your combustion cycles. Scavenging is a process where exhaust backpressure from one tube can create negative pressure within tubes that are connected in-line, thus pulling away spent exhaust gasses away from your cylinders while simultaneously pushing the gasses out of your exhaust pipes.

Now, if you've made significant increases to your airflow, your engine will likely need retuning. By changing the air:fuel ratio, you must increase fuel usage to get ideal combustion. The Banks Automind Tuner has been tuned for both PowerPack and Stinger applications, also featuring a delimiter, error code reader, and several other useful functions. With Banks Power Products for GM Gas Trucks, after proper tuning and install, your GM gas pick-up can see gains of up to 50hp and 70ft-lbs, while simultaneously showing fuel economy improvements.

Altogether, everything listed above constitutes a Banks PowerPack Kit, which will only cost you less than a couple grand. Considering that your GM gas pick-up will have more reliable components, more power, better fuel economy, and will be more reliable, there's no question that these components pay for themselves. Give Banks a call today to see what they can do for you - their knowledgeable customer service reps will help you however they can, and they can provide you with a locally approved distributor.

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