Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Banks Power Products for GM Gas Motorhomes

So your GM Gas Motorhome could use a little more pep, is that right? Those short on-ramps and hilly roads stressing you on family vacations? Worried you might overwork your engine to the point of overheating while making it over some mountain range? Well, you're not alone. Banks Power Products for GM Gas Motorhomes are designed with these problems in mind, so look no further-

With a Banks Stinger System, you can completely replace your stock exhaust and intake systems, providing an extra +50hp and +50ft-lbs by itself. Because of the restrictive nature of factory intakes, Banks had to include their intake system with their exhaust system. The result - greatly improved power and slightly improved fuel economy, with better heat management for towing and long-distance applications.

For model/years before 2000, you can upgrade to a Banks PowerPack Kit, which includes their TorqueTubes exhaust manifold kit along everything in the Stinger System. With the manifold included, you'll see improvements of +72hp and +87ft-lbs - much better than the Stinger System by itself. The TorqueTubes exhaust manifold achieves this by not only decreasing exhaust backpressure; with multiple exhaust tubes coming together, your exhaust manifold will "scavenge" away spent exhaust gasses away from your cylinders, allowing more efficient combustion cycles where exhaust gasses are less present. Scavenging occurs when positive exhaust backpressure draws air from another parallel tube as it travels on down the main line.

For model/years after 2000, Banks offers their OttoMind programmer for fine-tuning your engine to the ideal fuel:air ratio once you've made modifications to your airflow components. It can run diagnostic tests and troubleshoot error codes as well. While this programmer is not offered for model/years before 2000 because of ECU compatability issues (chip technology before 2000 is too old for aftermarket reprogramming), you can still somewhat compensate for the increased air going to your engine by using premium, high-octane gas. This will allow you to retain a more ideal fuel:air ratio for increased power without having to dyno your motorhome beforehand.

Let it be said that if you can't find a basic, widely-used performance component for your year/model vehicle, it is likely that Banks does not offer it because it's either too much trouble or entirely unnecessary. True, Banks doesn't specialize in everything. But at the very least, they know well enough how to help you incorporate their products to virtually any vehicle, custom or not. Let's say you've got enough time and money to custom install a Garret Turbocharger to your gas motorhome. They don't make a better turbo than Garret (because nobody does, and Banks doesn't make Turbos), but they'll know best about how to help you incorporate a performance exhaust, intake, manifold, etc. to your custom turbo install. Backed by a wealth of experience and knowledge, those that really know performance components recognize that Banks Power Products stand far apart from their competitors. Give them a call today, their tech reps are waiting to help you with your any project.

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