Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Banks Power Products for Nissan Gas Trucks

So you may be wondering "why doesn't Banks make very many components for my pick-up?!" The answer is simple - research and development takes time, and sometimes parts just aren't worth making or selling. Banks Power Products for Nissan Gas Trucks offer performance upgrades without compromising the original design and function of your pick-up, and that's really what Banks is really all about.

With a Monster Exhaust System, you can replace your stock pipes, which always suck no matter which large manufacturer we're talking about. By replacing your stock pipes, you can see a exhaust backpressure reduced by up to 94%, allowing exhaust gasses to escape when they need to most (at high RPMs). By decreasing exhaust backpressure, you'll see increases in power and fuel economy, and also a decrease in EGTs, which protects your pick-up's components from heat better than before.

Adding a Banks Ram-Air Intake System to your Nissan will further increase airflow to your engine, providing further increases in power and fuel economy. With their intelligent housing design, the inbound air will also be cooler and denser, which will result in further decreased EGTs and further increased power and fuel economy.

Now, for those who understand tuning, you may be wondering how this can all be achieved without a tuner - Banks currently does not offer a tuner for Nissan gas trucks. How can this be, since Banks always covers all bases and always keeps your engine safe? The answer is that Toyota has already pre-programmed their ECU for variable fuel:air ratios, so Banks designed their components around their maximum acceptable range. It is also recommended that you use premium high-octane fuel, to further attain ideal fuel:air ratios. While purchasing premium fuel may leave you spending the same amount of money on fuel (despite your improved fuel economy), you'll still see significant power and reliability improvements.

All-in-all, Nissan makes a quality truck that really can't be modified with very much to begin with, unless you're willing to compromise your drive train's integrity. But if you want to bump up your power without compromising the dependability of your Japanese-made vehicle, Banks Power Products offer the best possible solution. Call Banks today to see about finding a distributor near you.

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