Thursday, January 12, 2012

Banks Power Products for Toyota Trucks

If you own a Toyota truck, you probably already know what you're getting and what you're missing, compared to other model pick-ups. Toyota's run great and are dependable for long-term ownership, but if you're into having massive amounts of power, a Toyota pick-up may not be your top pick.

For those that truly appreciate Toyota trucks for what they have to offer, you may have wondered how you could possibly get more power without compromising the integrity of your drivetrain. This is where you should be looking at aftermarket parts that have been tested, tested again, and then tested once more just to be sure - parts like Banks Power Products for Toyota Trucks.

Banks offers their Monster Exhaust System for various body styles for all Toyota truck models made after 2000. The stock exhaust is probably the only component that will always need replacing on a Toyota truck - reason being, it saves a lot of cost producing exhausts out of lesser quality materials, and stock exhausts are usually first candidate for cost-efficient fabrication because they make the smallest impact on your vehicle's longevity when they get damaged. But that doesn't mean exhaust systems aren't important! A new Monster Exhaust System will show improvements of over 10hp and 10ft-lbs for any Toyota pick-up, which is significant considering the relatively low power that it already produces.

So what about a tuner or programmer? Banks doesn't offer one for Toyota's because it isn't needed. If you purchase a tuner or programmer from another aftermarket manufacturer, it will most definitely cause engine damage - that's why Banks doesn't make one. Toyota trucks come standard with a self-adjusting ECU, so your ECU will automatically make programming adjustments to compensate for the increased airflow. To make your pick-up run at peak efficiency, it's advised that you use premium high-octane fuel to attain the optimum fuel:air ratio.

If beefing up your Toyota beyond factory specs is what you want to do (it will most certainly kill your engine more quickly) then Banks can still help with your custom component installs, whether you're doing a custom turbo install, nitrous injection, or whatever! If you have an engineer helping you out every step of the way, go ahead and buy whatever they suggest - but if you want high-quality performance improvements to ideal specs, go with Banks Power Products for your Toyota Truck.

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