Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Banks Power Programmer

If you're looking for a Banks Programmer, you're off to a good start. Banks Power Products are known for uncompromising quality and performance, and even though Gale Banks earned his reputation with twin turbos before the inception of chips and tuners, Banks still offers some of the best tuners out there. Why? It's because their company spends a lot of time and resources having their engineering teams test, retest, and test again all the components that they consider producing - dyno tests, flow tests, field tests, you name it.

For Banks tuners, you've got 2 to choose from. Why so few? Because you only need rock solid tuning. Because Banks specializes in honing in on ideal tuning for your specific vehicle and your specific modifications.

The Banks Ottomind Tuner, for example, is strictly for tuning vehicles that have a Banks PowerPack Kit or Stinger Kit already installed. What many consumers tend to forget with their custom modification is that all automotive vehicles need to be fine-tuned to perform properly. Many consumers will get aftermarket components installed and buy a cheap tuner or module to handle tuning, without thinking much about the big picture. If you've installed aftermarket components, you either need to get your vehicle dyno-tuned, or you need to have the perfect tuning program available, which can only be got with dyno testing. Banks knows this, just like they already know about all other common problems in the diesel world. So when you're buying their PowerPack or Stinger Kit, their Ottomind Tuner comes standard with tuning that's perfect for your make/model diesel. How do I know the tuning is perfect? Because Banks' R&D department has most definitelly installed their kits on your make/model vehicle already, and they've already conducted all the necessary tests to find out first hand what your tuning should be. There's no other performance modifications that you can make to your street diesel that will produce the same results (besides a custom dyno-tune). There's also no other manufacturers that produce more reliable kits than Banks - their kits keep your engine running within ideal thresholds better than most, if not all.

For any other application, you're going to want an Automind Tuner. If you bought a complete Banks kit, it's in your best interest to ask Banks if they offer a module with custom tuning for your kit. But if you're only installing a few components, or perhaps none at all, then the Automind will get the job done for you. The Automind comes standard with 3 settings for every supported vehicle that it can reprogram, fuel economy, +30hp, and +60hp. Like any good programmer worth its salt, you can save your stock tuning and re-upload stock tuning anytime. You can also change your speed and RPM limiters, speedometer readings, shifting points, and troubleshoot error codes. While this tuner comes with Banks quality, please keep in mind the implications of increasing your power without accurately tuning your engine. Any power gains will produce at least some extra engine wear, and this effect is further multiplied if your vehicle isn't properly equipped to deal with the extra stress caused by improved power. Tuning your engine by itself on a stock diesel will cause excessive heat buildup, so passive modifications like an aftermarket exhaust and/or intake will help your engine regulate your EGTs and your under-hood temperature.

Regardless if you're tuning for fuel economy, extra power on the street, or racing, Banks has what you need to get it done right. Banks Power Products cost a bit more than their competitors not because Banks spends money on advertising (because they don't spend much on advertisements) - they cost more because Banks has very knowledgeable, experienced, and well-paid engineering teams, unlike most other competitors. If you dare say nay, give them a call today, see what they have to say!

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