Friday, January 13, 2012

Banks Power Turbo

You may be wondering "why doesn't Banks Power Products make a complete turbo kit already?" Truly, that is a good question, and I'm sure that Banks is doing what they can to supplement the demand for their products. But that really isn't the end of this story! If you're interested in installing a Banks Turbo Housing and Flywheel kit on your Ford Powerstroke, the numbers still make sense.

The existing problems with the Powerstroke's Turbo have to do with cost-efficient design. The factory flywheel tends to "float" at high speeds. While it maintains its constant spool-up speed, the flywheel will knock itself while afloat and cause turbine damage. Also, the housing and turbine size cause an overspool that won't help boost your engine's performance.

After modifying and rebuilding your factory Ford Turbo with a Banks Turbo Housing and Flywheel Kit, your turbo will perform at ideal specs without retaining any functional flaws that came with the stock turbo. Adding a Banks Bighead Wastegate will further ensure that your turbo will produce ideal performance when you've modified your vehicle for increased power.

So you may be thinking "that doesn't sound cheap! why not just get a Garrett Turbo?" Well, first of all, if you can get your hands on a Garrett turbo, then you've got your hands on the best commercially manufactured turbo in the world. They're a few hundred dollars more than rebuilding your stock turbo with a Banks Turbo Kit, but that's really not the issue. Garrett turbos just so happen to be one of the most difficult aftermarket components to come by. Order one from somebody that says they have it, and statistics would probably say that over 90% of the time, you've placed an order for an item that you're now waiting for on back-order. Good luck, buddy.

With a Banks Turbo Kit rebuild, what you're going to need to do is find a turbo rebuild shop. This will help keep the initial cost down by hundreds, and if you're lucky, you can end up spending just over $1000 for your newly rebuilt turbo. And as for the performance? Banks technicians will tell you that their turbo set-up only performs a hair below the Garrett ball-bearing turbo.

So what is your best possible option? If you can wait forever, and if you have the extra money to shell out, go ahead and try to find a Garrett turbo for your Powerstroke. But if you can't wait, Banks Power Products have you covered with the next best thing.

As a side note, don't expect that your local dealership will be so forgiving with your turbo rebuild and modification. Your best bet is to consult with your local Banks distributor on whether they work with somebody that does good work for a modest price on turbo rebuilds.

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