Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Banks Sidewinder Turbo

The name "Sidewinder" when describing a Banks Power Product is actually quite ambiguous. From Banks themselves, this is what they have to say about the "Sidewinder":

"'Sidewinder' is the middle name that Banks gives to many of its upgraded creations, it originally noted the position of a turbo (or pair of turbos) now it simply denotes the fact that the machine bearing that moniker has had its fangs sharpened by the Banks engineering team."

The term "Sidewinder Turbo" is tossed around so often, that it's notoriety virtually become its own means of advertisement. Currently, you'll see Gale Banks Engineering rolling out their "Sidewinder" 1500hp supercharged drag car onto the racetracks, while their new 1100hp twin turbo engine design is plainly named their new twin turbo system.

One distinguishing factor that is worth noting is that all Sidewinder modification kits that Banks currently sells are for older model diesels. In other words, if your diesel pick-up is made between 82-93 (and likewise comes without a chip), then Banks is likely to offer a Sidewinder kit for your pick-up. These Sidewinder kits will improve your power by up to 82hp and 143ft-lbs, and will provide slight fuel economy gains when driving modestly. That's more than a 25% power output gain!

Regardless of what "Sidewinder" means today, one thing is for sure - you're going to keep on hearing the name "Sidewinder" as Gale Banks Engineering produces more and more products. Because if there's anything that Banks does well, it's sharpen your diesel's fangs.

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