Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Banks Speed Brake

The Banks Power Speed Brake follows suit with their tried and true predecessors. While some exhaust brakes can leave you guessing on how efficiently they work, the Banks Speed Brake won't leave you hanging. Complete with integrated electronic control modules (unlike other popular alternatives that run mechanically and depend upon your pick-up's downshifting), this exhaust brake works better than others simply because it utilizes more of your engine's features than others do.

An exhaust brake functions by restricting the exhaust airflow, thereby creating exhaust back-pressure that works against the flow of an engine's combustion cycle. Some aftermarket companies use pressure regulated actuators installed on the exhaust pipes to create exhaust backpressure when you let your foot off the gas. These exhaust brakes tend to have a slow response time, and can even cause your pick-up to momentarily gain speed (which can be very unsafe!). Not to mention that they're a pain to install and can cause further complications for your exhaust system because you have to cut your exhaust pipes to install this type of brake, and then large amounts of hot air pressure build around these joints. The Banks Power Speed Brake differs from these exhaust brakes in just about every way.

First of all, the Banks Power Speed Brake is all electronic. It syncs to all the critical components that can improve your exhaust braking via the ECU, and is automatically controlled with several preset programs.
For restricting your exhaust gases directly, the Banks Speed Brake adjusts your VGT (Variable-Geometry Turbo) to the opposite settings for improving your engine's power - instead of delivering ideal amounts of gas, your turbo will adjust to choke your engine when needed. Also, the Banks Speed Brake automatically locks your torque converter so the opposing torque is completely translated to the asphalt. What's more, your transmission is also controlled by the Speed Brake - RPM levels are constantly monitored by the Speed Brake, and your transmission will automatically downshift to ideal RPMs.

While you might be wondering how this exhaust brake can work so well (better than nearly all their competitors) when this component doesn't even restrict your exhaust gases directly, don't be too skeptical. Electronically controlled components are the wave of the future - your new pick-up already comes with many electronically controlled variables. If you want the ideal braking system for these kinds of pick-ups, you'll have to tap into these existing systems. Trust Banks - their products have a long-standing reputation for quality. And even if you find yourself disappointed with this product (which you won't), their warranty and return policy have your back.

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