Monday, January 23, 2012

Banks Sport Exhaust

Banks Power Products are where it's at when it comes to performance engineering. The Banks Monster Sport Exhaust Kit comes standard as a complete exhaust kit for all newer diesel models prior to the DPF required year ranges. The Banks Sport Exhaust is compatible with 03-07 Powerstrokes, 01-07 Duramaxes, and 03-07 Cummins.

The Monster Sport Exhaust Kit includes their straight-through Monster Muffler, which allows for more growl than your stock muffler but will greatly decrease your exhaust back pressure. With its straight-through Monster Muffler that comes standard with the Sport kit, your muffler will provide more flow-through than both the Monster Muffler and your stock muffler, despite it's smaller size.

All Banks Exhaust Kits come standard as street-legal kits, installing behind your DPF or Catalytic Converter. Your Banks Monster Sport Exhaust Kit will install behind your Catalytic Converter unless you purchase an additional Cat-delete pipe. Further incorporating a Banks Downpipe and Power Elbow for applicable model/years is advised to get the most out of your exhaust system. Further improvements with your intake and tuning will compound your power gains figures from the exhaust itself.

If you have any questions about which exhaust kit is the right fit for you, give Banks a call today. Their technicians are always ready to answer your inquiries.

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