Friday, January 27, 2012

Banks Towing

Banks Power Products specialize in diesel performance, and they have been specializing their components even further based upon popular consumer demand. Originally, Banks was founded under performance modifications, setting land speed records and creating the new norm for manufactured diesels. But nowadays, with all the technology we now have at our disposal, and with the development of industrial vehicles and recreational vehicles, Banks has changed with the times.

Banks currently does not specialize in industrial generator engines and certain industrial application vehicles (this is slowly changing). What they currently specialize in is race diesels, street-legal class-C diesels, some off-road diesels, and right now they're also giving military diesels a try.

One common factor among virtually all diesel vehicles (except the newer turbo diesel cars) - towing is always welcome, if not fundamental to the driving application. Towing components can be used for more than one purpose - if you're not towing at all, then some components that would be needed for towing can still be essential for your set-up. This is because improved power without added weight can translate to your drive-train as a larger payload, since you will be putting a significantly larger amount of force on your drive-train.

The Banks Billet Torque Converter is a great example of how your can improve your vehicle's performance regardless of whether you're towing or not. Factory torque converters are built to withstand the amount of power that your factory engine can produce, but no more than. Literally, some factory torque converters use sandpaper discs for your clutch. Torque converter damage tends to aggravate itself, so a ding in your factory torque converter's integrity will eventually result in the failure of this part. And when you've got a failed torque converter, your transmission will almost certainly incur damage as well. By incorporating a Banks Billet Torque Converter, your clutch will be able to withstand more power than your engine can produce. All the components on these torque converters are built to a higher quality standard and are produced from better quality materials.

For Powerstrokes, it's also a good idea to incorporate a Transcommand Module for improved shifting. The Transcommand increases the amount of hydraulic pressure to your clutch as you apply more gas, providing firmer shifting when using your engine's power. The firmer shifting allows less slippage, which is good for your torque converter. Excessive slippage creates excess heat through friction, which is one of the main causes for transmission damage.

Modifying your fuel:air can improve your output power, so likewise, components that improve your power are applicable for towing, as well as pretty much any other application. A Banks Ram-Air Intake, along with a Banks Monster Exhaust System, will dispense and evacuate more air, resulting in more power to your combustion cycles and added boost to your turbo. Adding a Banks Tuner or Module to the mix will help you attain more ideal fuel:air tuning with these performance components, and can also increase your engine's power a bit beyond what's best for its longevity. Headers, Intake Manifold, Exhaust Manifold, aftermarket Turbo - all of these components will give you more power and towing capability, and Banks makes their own version of all of these components, all finely-tuned to work with one another.

Lastly, towing requires having a powerful braking system. If you're traveling downhill with a payload, the force on your brakes is immense - even if you manage to stop with engine braking and disc braking combined, a large enough load can reduce your disks to nothingness rather quickly. By incorporating a Banks Exhaust Brake and Electronic Brake System, your engine can do the majority of the braking, just as long as your drivetrain can handle your payload. Their exhaust brake works with their electronic brake by automatically downshifting to the optimal braking gear once you've let off the gas. Banks exhaust brakes differ from other exhaust brakes in this manner, because engine braking downhill at low RPMs can actually speed up your vehicle.

For towing improvements to your drive-train, count on Banks. Take my word for it - there are companies out there that are already saving money on maintenence by installing Banks parts.

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