Friday, January 13, 2012

Banks Transcommand

One of the newer trends for pick-ups and SUVs is gearing their specs towards driver-friendly performance for everyday driving. In order to appeal to this demographic, certain manufacturers like Ford have made changes to the original pick-up performance, like smooth shifting. When you're lightly engaging your throttle, your E4OD or 4R100 transmission will slip more because of the lowered hydraulic line pressure, resulting in a silky-smooth shift. But for some pick-up owners this can be a problem. If you're towing, travelling long-distances up graded hills, or even if you've made performance modifications to your pick-up, this smooth shift for can become an issue of laggy shifting. Not only that - longer shifting times means your clutch is creating more friction, and likewise more friction heat. This heat will dissipate into your transmission fluid, and for those who know about transmission problems, having hot transmission fluid is a BIG red flag.

For those that wish to keep their pick-up with the credo of power, performance, and getting work done, Banks Power Products offers their Transcommand Control Module. In essence, the Transcommand monitors your transmission and throttle the same as your EEC. Its only function is to accelerate your hydraulic line pressure increase depending on how hard you stomp on the throttle. In other words, if you're accelerating slowly, your stock EEC won't recognize the extra load on your transmission if you're towing, going uphill, or if you've made performance modifications for power gains. The Transcommand will recognize this extra load, and likewise, will increase your hydraulic line pressure for quicker response and greater power translated to the road.

While some might add the Transcommand Control Module simply to gain better road response when stomping the throttle, there are still other reasons for incorporating this to your pick-up. By cutting the shift time down, your clutch will produce less heat and will experience less stress. Because of this, some shipping companies and other various parties have incorporated the Transcommand simply because it prolongs the longevity of your transmission and extends the time between transmission maintenance.

So for those that cringe at Starbucks-sucking yuppies who never use their pick-up or SUV off-road, who never take road trips, who never use their SUV or pick-up for work - if you're one of those people that really uses the pick-up or SUV for what it's meant to do, a Transcommand Control Module will help you have the best of both words. You'll get soft shifting while coasting in traffic, and stiff shifting for when you're gettin down to business. Banks Power Products - they give you what you want from your pick-up and SUV.

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