Friday, January 20, 2012

Banks Tuner

So you're in the market for a Banks tuner? Congratulations, you've made the right choice. But the next question is, what application you're going to be using your Banks tuner for? Do you just want a tuner without making any further modifications to your pick-up? Do you want to modify your pick-up head-to-toe and make it a race-only monster? Do you want to make as many performance modifications to your pick-up that you can while keeping it street legal? These are all important questions to consider.

For those that don't want to spend a lot of money on their performance modifications, starting with a Banks Bullet Tuner may be your best bet. This tuner will give power gains of 30 or 60hp, or fuel economy gains. Also, this tuner is compatable with any aftermarket exhaust system and intake that installs on your pick-up. But just as a heads up, your engine may be putting out enough extra power to cause a bit of slippage. If you own a Powerstroke, a Banks Transcommand will take care of a lot of the slippage - but in the long run, you will eventually need to replace your stock torque converter with an aftermarket model, and it's better to do it sooner than later so your transmission doesn't incur any damage from a failed torque converter.

If these modifications aren't enough for you, but you still want to keep your pick-up street legal, chances are your best bet is a complete Banks kit. If your diesel is an 82-93, a Banks Sidewinder Kit will give you max power gains. These kits don't come with tuners because there was no such thing during that time, but all other air and fuel components will be upgraded - exhaust manifold, exhaust system, turbo, intake, tubes, etc. The Sidewinder basically comes with everything that Banks makes for your 82-93 pick-up except for their Billet Torque Converter and exhaust brake. If your diesel is a 93-2012, their Big Hoss Kit and their PowerPack Kit are your best options. Complete with all tuners applicable for your model pick-up, your Big Hoss or PowerPack kit will include everything else that Banks makes for your pick-up except for the torque converter and brakes. These kits come with their own tuners, programmed specifically for your kit. In other words, their dyno test results for your model pick-up with their component kit installed has resulted in the optimized programming that they offer for their tuners.

Depending upon your year/model pick-up, your complete Banks kit with the appropriate tuner will produce about +80-140hp and +150-250ft/lbs. For any of these kits, it's advised that you get a quality aftermarket torque converter, like the Billet torque converter offered by Banks, and if you're towing or traveling cross-country, an added braking system can add some safety to your ride. Banks makes two types of assisted braking systems, their exhaust brake and their electronic brake. For some model pick-ups, like newer Powerstrokes, adding both braking systems is ideal because they can function interdependently, showing gains of over 50% in brake time and distance compared to stock discs.

So are these modifications enough for you? There are only a few more modifications you can make to a diesel pick-up while still keeping it street-legal, like water or propane injection, or a new lift kit, and your new Banks kit is compatible with these systems. But if you want any extra power, you're going to have to go the less-traveled road. You're going to have to give Banks a call.

Banks Power Products mainly sell aftermarket components for street-legal applications because they are the most widely-used products among your average civilians. But let's not forget that Banks' roots drive deep into the heart of competition and racing modifications. So if this is what you're interested in, you're going to need to work with Banks personally. First of all, your modifications can range from $50k to $500k - do you want an Allison Transmission for your Cummins engine? Or maybe you want your engine cylinders bored out to a larger size? Regardless of what you want done, there are a few common custom parts that Banks will need to make for you personally, like custom-tuning your programmer for one.

Whatever project you've got brewing, Banks is prepared to assist you. If their components don't seem to be working properly on your pick-up, they won't just drop the ball - they'll make sure the job gets done and have one of their technicians finish the job properly if need be. There's a reason why Banks Power Products are regarded so highly. It really doesn't matter what they do, they're like the Michael Jordan of user-friendly aftermarket components. Everybody wants to be like Banks. Don't get stuck with with lesser quality components - spend the extra money on components that will undoubtedly return your investment better than any other company. Get Banks.

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