Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Big Hoss Intake Manifold

Banks Power Products always know how to fix your diesel up for performance suited to your needs. So here's the question for today: if you're making modifications to your diesel pick-up for lots of power, should you get a Banks intake manifold? and if so, when?

As a general rule of thumb, initial performance modifications should start with the trifecta: intake system, exhaust system, and tuner. With these three, you'll already be in several thousand dollars, and your pick-up will show improvements of anywhere from 50hp/50ft-lbs up to 150hp/150ft-lbs. These three systems work together harmoniously by mediating improved airflow through your engine and increasing fuel to match the optimum fuel:air ratio. Would it make sense to get an intake manifold at this point? Probably not yet.

The ideal scenario for incorporating a BEASTLY Banks Big Hoss Intake Manifold is when you're ready to put the cherry on top, or if you're committed to a race-only vehicle that will never see the day of street-legal driving again. Indeed, incorporating a Banks intake manifold would give you great performance improvements, and with all other components needed, you're getting a lot of air through your engine! But the downside is the install for this component tends to be a bit costly. You're better off getting your turbo system upgraded to the desired boost levels first, since the labor will cost you less. On the other hand, if you're going to be ripping pavement apart, this intake manifold is just for you. (just look at the picture on the right, one side installed with a Big Hoss Intake Manifold, and the other with stock intake manifold. They aren't joking!)

The true beauty of this unit is that it will allow your engine to put out +1000hp without needing to boost anywhere near 100psi. The airflow is so unrestrictive that it will literally accept whatever quantity of air you could reasonably throw at it. So would you get this intake manifold if you have a stock exhaust? No, McFly, no. This thing is like having scuba gear for a giant. If you're truck isn't that large and incharge yet, then don't even bother. But if you're ready to get'r done, you need not look any further.

Banks - they have what you need, and what you can't stop drooling over.

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