Friday, January 20, 2012

Big Hoss Module

The Banks Big Hoss Module is a aftermarket performance module that is applicable for 94-03 Powerstrokes only. These modules come with all standard safety features included on all Banks tuners, programmers, and modules.

Your Banks Big Hoss Module is custom-tuned to your specific vehicle, strictly for retuning after installing your new Big Hoss Bundle - Big Hoss Bundle components can vary depending upon what year/make/model Powerstroke you own. For 6.0L Powerstrokes, your Big Hoss will include turbo components to revamp your busted OE turbo. For 6.4L Powerstrokes, your Big Hoss will include a larger aftermarket intercooler.

Whatever your vehicle application, you can be sure that the Big Hoss Module is tuned to perfection. Banks has cornered the market with performance modifications and tuning because their kits are replications of their best performing prototypes. In other words, they've worked on your specific model pick-up over and over again, and after continually dyno testing different set-ups, they find one single design with specific tuning that works best for your pick-up. This working model is what they build all their components around for your specific kit.

In the same regard, this Big Hoss Module will not give you significant performance gains without installing the Big Hoss Kit along with it. You will see power improvements, but your engine will be improperly tuned, and your engine's longevity will most certainly be further compromised. So if you don't care about proper tuning, go ahead and get a Bullydog and swap it on your stock pick-up. But if you want your truck to gain copious amounts of power without sacrificing your drive-train longevity, get a complete, finely-tuned Banks modification kit.

Banks Power Products - like no other.

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