Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Cummins Intake Manifold

If you're looking for a Banks intake manifold for a Cummins, you most likely already heard of or saw their Sidewinder Dakota. Their Sidewinder Dakota was the fastest diesel truck in the world when it debuted, boasting a top speed of 222mph, and burning clean without smoke, as always. Exciting news, even today, for Cummins common rail owners.

But the truth is that the Banks Big Hoss Intake Manifold is most likely not for you. This intake manifold is rated as a race-only component, and it's not really all that surprising. With all the air that you're able to pull through this manifold (which is more than enough), a race kit and race tuning will allow your engine to perform at peak efficiency. In other words, this intake manifold is so unrestrictive that you'll need to retune your engine to race tuning to get your engine running properly.

Now lets say you're ok with spending money on excessive performance modifications, is it worth trying to incorporate this intake onto a street-legal diesel? First of all, this intake will make any common rail cummins illegal for street use. If you still won't be dissuaded, let's consider the cost. Compared to any other performance modification, replacing the intake manifold is one of the most expensive with the least amount of return for beginners. Performance intakes only provide as much air as your engine can handle, so if you're still running an stock exhaust system, there's really no point in installing an intake manifold. Likewise, if you still haven't incorporated a tuner, performance turbo, injectors, fuel pump, torque converter, and various other important aftermarket components, then your intake manifold won't perform as well as it could.

Let's put it this way. With your stock intake system, it's like your engine is breathing out of a straw. With a Banks Intake System, it's like your engine is breathing out of a high quality snorkel, so now your engine can sprint when it could only jog. Incorporating an intake manifold is like having your engine breathing through scuba gear. If your engine isn't properly equipped, the intake manifold can actually weigh your engine's performance down. But if your engine is beefed out to the max, having a heavy-duty intake manifold won't create problems, and will provide all the air that your engine could ever need. I suppose that would be like The Hulk breathing through scuba gear. Now that's some scary power.

So who is the Cummins Intake Manifold for? Well, as shown in the colorful imagery above, you only need an intake manifold if your engine is on steroids. If your Cummins performs as an everyday driver, then you probably won't even want this product. But if your Cummins performs as a pavement-eating monstrosity on the daily, then this intake manifold is for you.

For street applications, your best bet is a Banks Ram-Air Intake and Monster-Ram Elbow. These components will give you ample airflow gains for whatever basic, street-legal modifications you'll be making.

Banks Power Products - they make your diesel go really fast.

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