Friday, January 27, 2012

Diesel Motorhomes

Diesel motorhomes can be vastly improved upon with a lot of the same components that can improve tow trucks - no surprise, since both usually start from a medium-sized diesel truck frame and pull large payloads. Banks Power Products specialize in both, and it's no surprise.

First of all, instead of making any modifications for extra power, it may be worth considering modifications for safety first. A Banks Electronic Brake helps with engine braking by automatically downshifting into the ideal gear for deceleration. By further incorporating a Banks Exhaust Brake, your engine braking will be vastly improved - on a 6 degree grade, your engine will still be able to do most of the braking for you. This could save your discs from wearing down before you're done with a family trip, or the extra stopping power could save your family's life.

Also important is your torque converter. Factory torque converters are built to withstand stock engine output at normal payloads, which is troubling considering that many motorhomes are built and used for towing. Your torque converter is the make or break point for translating your engine's output to the road. So for braking, a factory torque converter can wear out quickly under payloads, and can cause an unsafe situation when braking suddenly. Slippery shifting generally occurs most often when you're jerk your acceleration suddenly. Also, your hydraulic clutch pressure is generally set low on newer model pick-ups to provide smooth shifting, and this can work against you when you jerk your motorhome into accelerating or decelerating. So first off, a Banks Electronic Braking System will help improve your clutch's hydraulic pressure response and will automatically downshift when your throttle is disengaged, so your engine will provide more backpressure for braking. Combined with a Banks Billet Torque Converter, your braking and accelerating will both be more quick to respond and will be more effective in translating acceleration or deceleration to the road. Perhaps most important of all - if you're jerking your motorhome back and forth on a stock torque converter, you can cause stress damage, and any stress damage to a torque converter will build upon itself, eventually damaging your transmission in the process. A Banks Torque Converter is built to withstand over 600hp and 1000ft-lbs, so you can be sure that you're not going overpower it ever.

Once you've got your brakes and transmission taken care of, you're ready for safely traveling long-distance or safely towing (maybe you can't tow or climb hills well enough still, but at least you can control and stop your vehicle). So now, if you're ready for more power, it's probably best to start with the basics.

Banks Power Products offer a multitude of kits for motorhomes, all kits differing slightly from one another depending on which stock parts really need to be replaced. For your diesel motorhome, Banks may offer you just an exhaust kit. If so, it's because they couldn't do anything better for your motorhome. For example, certain Ford Powerstroke motorhomes have a relatively small engine bay and likewise have no room for an intake system, because it will create a fire hazard.

On the other hand, Banks may offer a comprehensive bundle to upgrade your diesel motorhome - diesels made between 82-93 aren't even compatible with tuners, but Banks has been around long enough to have perfected a complete modification kit to upgrade your turbo, exhaust, intake, manifolds, and more, all tuned in harmony with each other. If you compare any other combination of similar components from other manufacturers for your motorhome, they still wouldn't be as good as Banks Power Products because these components wouldn't be fabricated to work on the same tuning like Banks components are. How about taking your old 1986 diesel and getting an extra 90hp and 150ft-lbs of sustainable, reliable power? Is there any other company that can help you get this kind of performance at a fair price within a day or two of installation? No, I didn't think so.

Banks Power Products - you know you want the best, so put your money where your mouth is.

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