Friday, January 27, 2012

Duramax Sidewinder

As described in prior blogs, the Banks "Sidewinder" name is an ambiguous term for Banks Power Products. In its truest form, the name Sidewinder is used to describe any modification bundle that will turn your diesel pick-up into the baddest on the road. Their Sidewinder bundles come with varying components, depending upon the needs of your specific pick-up.

Currently, the Sidewinder name is most widely used for Banks' performance modification kits for older model diesels. For model/years falling between 82-93, Banks offers a Sidewinder kit for Duramax and Powerstroke engines. These kits will increase your power output by at least 25%, and as always, this power is sustainable and won't kill your engine like improper tuning will.

Banks is a company that specializes is specializing, not marketing. So if you're looking for a Duramax Sidewinder, it's likely that you could be looking for one of their less popular sellers. Banks has used the Sidewinder name to describe Duramaxes several times over the past decade, but these kits are generally for racing applications. In 2005, Banks came out with the world's fastest diesel pick-up, the Sidewinder GMC Sierra. At 24mpg and a top speed of 222mph, you couldn't beat this clean-burning diesel! Then, again in 2008, Banks released their Sidewinder GMC S-10. The S-10 was drag-tested and set records for fastest quarter mile, crossing the finish line in 7.87 seconds at 175mph. Again, a Banks clean-burning diesel set the land speed records.

To get the race-only modifications that Banks offers for your GMC, you're going to have to call them personally. It's a drop in the bucket for Banks to set you up with a basic aftermarket upgrade kit that's dyno-tuned, since there are only a few modifications that need to be made to your stock diesel (don't ask me why other companies have such a hard time with this!). But on the other hand, these all-around race modification kits are sold much less often and take a lot more work to install, so they generally aren't listed for sale through distributors. Also, if you want to incorporate one of their performance twin turbo kits, you may end up having to puchase components from other companies that work hand-in-hand with Banks (like Bosch). Getting these modifications installed can call for a greater skill for installation, so it's probably best to inquire with Banks on finding a qualified technician that can properly modify your diesel from the ground-up.

So, long story short, if you have a Duramax, Banks can help you get whatever you want out of it. Except a unicorn.

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