Thursday, February 9, 2012

Air Ram Performance

Banks Power Products have incorporated the term "Ram" to all their intake systems and intake components. When describing intakes, the term ram-air refers to a specific intake design where positive air pressure is created at the intake by directing airflow towards the intake while your vehicle is traveling at speed, effectively "ramming" cool air towards your engine. Ram-air intake systems were quite popular before the inception of the carburetor, and were unpopular during that time because the positive air pressure didn't work well with the low-pressure venturi fuel draw method that carburetors relied upon. But now, with the inception of fuel injection, ram-air intakes have been making a very strong come-back.

Pretty much all performance diesel engines run off fuel injection these days, because carburetors just can't get the pressure that injectors can, and likewise can't burn fuel as efficiently. Banks has been on the fore-front of developing performance diesel engines, so it's little wonder why they've incorporated the Ram-Air concept to all of their intake systems, since all diesels have been running on fuel injection for several decades. So how do Banks Ram-Air systems stand up to their competition?

With ram-air intakes, you want positive air pressure at the head of your intake system, but you don't want the air flowing to your engine to be travelling at such high velocity that it swishes about your intake and into your engine. The difference is that still air that has the same pressure as fast-moving air will always combust better than the moving air. So, Banks designs their intake systems to maintain a constant positive pressure from incoming air without allowing it to travel about. Their intelligently designed intake housings not only help accomplish this positive pressure effect, they also draw air from the most ideal location for drawing the coolest air from your engine bay, and you can also modify your intake housing to include a boost tube that streams cool air from below your bumper straight to the mouth of your Banks intake.

For specific diesel models, Banks also offers their High-Ram and Monster Ram intake elbows. These elbows focus on the restrictive 180degree turn that your inbound air must travel through before arriving at your intake manifold. By streamlining the original design into a single rounded piece, and also by adding Banks' boost tubes that come with their elbows, intake drag is dramatically reduced. With all this cool air you're getting to your engine, you're on your way to a much cleaner burning diesel pick-up (make sure you have an exhaust system too!).

The cherry on top for these intake products is your Monster Ram or High-Ram intake elbow comes standard with 6 ports for nitrous/water/propane injection or for installing probes for active monitoring. Why is this so awesome? For one, monitoring your temperature and pressure is important for maintaining your vehicle's longevity. As far as fluid injection is concerned, you get significantly improved power (depending on which liquid you use), and improved fuel economy as well. If you're using water injection, how can you go wrong?? And why haven't automotive manufacturers incorporated this yet? Imagine filling up your water tank and diesel tank at the same time and getting 40mpg on your 7.3L Powerstroke, all because your engine is properly tuned and gets the ideal amount of oxygen.

If you have a question about performance diesels, Banks has the answer or knows who can give you the answer. Don't delay, upgrade your diesel today! with Banks Power Products.

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