Thursday, February 9, 2012

Banks iQ

The Banks Power Products iQ Display is a PDA, plain and simple. With previous Banks tuners, the PDA display was basically one of those annoying palm pilots that had the horrible touchpad for writing recognition, which never worked well. But the iQ display is just as dialed in as previous model Banks displays, while incorporating new touchscreen technology for their wide-size display. So what's so special about it?

The iQ's hardware isn't state of the art - touchscreens have worked well for a while now. What IS special about the iQ is the work that went into it, just like the previous PDA display. It will accomplish everything you need and more.

With the Banks iQ and flash unit, Banks has begun to transition all of their tuners and modules into one simple hardware package. Whether you get an Automind or a Speedbrake, the Banks iQ syncs to your Banks components for completely fluid functionality. And with the new flash unit, it will only be a matter of time before you're only paying for software - order your Speedbrake, tuner, transmission module, and they'll eventually come on the same flash module. That takes care of a lot of hassle with installation and cost-efficiency. But wait, is there more?

Like mentioned in earlier blogs, Banks has been working on their "brick" for a while now. Their brick connector is the second half of their flash module system. With the brick, you'll be able to sync your secondary injection systems, measurement probes, and all your other major electronically controlled systems to your iQ display. This opens up lots of possibilities - have all the electronics on your clean-burning diesel controlled by one system, providing optimized tuning and fuel economy. or, turn your street legal diesel into a race-ready diesel with the push of a button (your CAT and DPF will still be there, but at least you're only losing 10% power).

Banks makes state-of-the-art products not because they get hands out from parties like NASA. They make state-of-the-art products based upon civilian technology (which isn't state of the art), and they achieve state-of-the-art status by improving upon existing designs until they have the nearest to perfect design in comparison to anybody else.

With Banks, you get what you pay for, and you pay for what you get. Other companies may charge less, or may offer similar pricing claiming to be better than Banks Power Products. But the truth is that the number of aftermarket companies that can keep pace with Banks can probably be counted on your fingers. And for the most part, the companies that are on par with Banks don't manufacture the same components as them. If you have doubts, give Banks a call. Their customer service reps are always excited to shoo away their competition.

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