Thursday, February 9, 2012

Banks Six Gun Diesel Tuner

The Banks Six Gun Diesel Tuner is essentially the most powerful, standardized tuner that Banks Power Products offers. You can order a Big Hoss Module with customizable programs, and get +150hp and +300ft-lbs, but the Big Hoss Module is only offered for specific older model diesels.

For the Six Gun, your highest power gains setting is at +100hp and +200ft-lbs. The Six Gun is normally offered with only their Six Gun Kits and Big Hoss Bundles. While their Stinger and PowerPack Kits offer substantial gains, these kits will only include either an Ottomind or Economind tuner, which are both more suitable for towing and fuel economy applications. The Six Gun Tuner is programmed with higher power gains, more suitable for race and off-road applications, and you'll need to install one of Banks' larger kits to get those power gains and to retain your engine's longevity.

With your Six Gun or Big Hoss kit installed, you can set your Six Gun Tuner for maximum power gains without having to worry about voiding the warranty on your aftermarket parts or your stock parts. Banks kits, when properly installed and when using proper tuning, will not strain your stock drive-train components enough to risk substantial damage. But, because the Six Gun Tuner is the most powerful standard tuner that Banks makes, they had to find a happy medium to compete with other aftermarket manufacturers that offer more powerful programming than theirs.

If you ask Banks yourself, they'll tell you that any further power gains beyond the Six-Gun's maximum setting is really not good for your vehicle. And yet, because people asked so frequently for more powerful programming on their street diesel, they started offering more powerful programming with a catch. All Six-Gun Tuners that do not include an iQ display come with a Speedloader module with thermocouple sensor, and all Six-Gun Tuners that include the iQ display have the Speedloader software pre-loaded on their iQ. The Speedloader programming offers an extra power gain of 20% on top of your current power specs. This means if you're pushing 300hp and 700ft-lbs with your Big Hoss kit installed, running on max power programming, the Speedloader software will bump you up to around 360hp and 840ft-lbs.

The catch is that Banks doesn't stand behind this programming for street applications, and it's the only time that you'll see this from them. In order to activate your Speedloader programming, you must first clearly accept a disclaimer that says Banks and the garage that performed your installation are not responsible for any damage that can occur while running the Speedloader. Reason being, you're pushing so much power, that while your engine may not sustain significant damage directly, you may escalate your vehicle temperatures beyond acceptable thresholds, you may put some of your stock drive-train components under too much torsional force, and so on.

If you're not understanding why you should be careful of running a Speedloader on your diesel truck, consider this: all other performance vehicles that push 400hp or more, including light-weight performance vehicles, all need performance drivetrain components to sustain their power without breaking themselves. Think about it - if you're putting nearly 1000ft-lbs of torque on your stock drive-train components, won't the give way fairly quick? Imagine your stock input shaft straining to translate all that power to your transmission.

So all-in-all, Banks Power Products have what you need for your diesel, what you want for your diesel, and also (in this case) what you don't need but think you want. Call them today to so they can read your mind and recommend a local parts distributor near you.

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