Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Banks Turbo 5.9L

If you're looking for a Banks turbo for your 5.9L Cummins, what you're looking for is their Quick Turbo Assembly. Banks Power Products offer this turbo assembly as a replacement for your existing Cummins turbo to remedy problems with the original design.

The Cummins stock turbo was made slightly too big, creating sluggishness at low RPMs. This sluggishness has to do with the lengthy spool time that comes with running a larger-sized turbo. Also, the stock wastegate actuator for your Cummins is inadequate - while it functions well enough most of the time with a stock turbo, the large amount of exhaust backpressure that results from punching your throttle when your turbo hasn't spooled up yet can create unwanted blow-off.

Your wastegate actuator is supposed to release exhaust backpressure when your turbo is spooling at its threshold and exhaust backpressure continues to build. Proper exhaust gas evacuation will keep your turbo from overspooling and causing drag to your airflow, and possibly damage to the turbo itself. But with your stock wastegate actuator, you can get blow-off before your turbo spools because your stock actuator's springs aren't strong enough to withstand the exhaust backpressure when your turbo is pushing back, before it spools. With a Banks BigHead Wastegate Actuator, you won't have exhaust blow-off when you're throttling from idle. And with the smaller design of their Quick Turbo, your turbo will spool more quickly right off the line and provide ample power gains under any driving conditions.

One great question about this product is whether or not it's the best. Banks Power Products are usually known for being the best, but what I've seen is that if they're not the best, they're the next best thing. Obviously, a Garrett turbocharger would give better performance than a Banks Quick Turbo can, but there are other factors worth considering. It's a task in itself just to find a Garrett turbo available. At least 90% of everybody that orders a Garrett turbo gets back-ordered for at least a few weeks. It's no wonder, since Garrett turbos are the best and since so few are produced. Another factor worth considering is cost - a Garrett turbo for your 5.9L will cost nearly $2000, while a Banks Quick Turbo only costs about $600.

So, long story short, if you want an easy means of getting your 5.9L Cummins turbo to perform the way that it should, the Banks Quick Turbo will take care of that for you. Banks Power Products - for decades, they've been fixing your diesel problems that should have been dealt with by your manufacturer.

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