Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Big Hoss Diesel Tuner

For Banks Power Products, the Big Hoss Diesel Tuner and the Big Hoss Diesel Module are both offered as fully-customizable alternatives to the Banks Power Tuners and Modules. For any complete bundle that is offered by Banks, they include a standardized tuner with the package with dyno-tested programming specific to the bundle's requirements. But if this isn't enough for you, Banks offers their Big Hoss Diesel Tuner and Module for retaining their dyno-tested programming and more.

Any Banks Six-Gun, Economind, or Bullet Tuner/Module comes standard with programming for fuel economy, slight power gains, and up to +70hp and +110ft-lbs - no more than that because any further gains can cause engine damage, even with their kits properly installed. But maybe you're installing more than just a Banks kit. Maybe you want a tuner that is compatible with modifying your diesel into a race-only monstrosity. In such cases, the Big Hoss Tuner or Module is perfect for you.

The Big Hoss Tuners and Modules feature 5 customizable programs for whatever your driving needs are. Maybe you want a module/tuner that includes your stock programming for switching back on-the-fly. Or, like mentioned above, maybe you have everything under the sun installed on your diesel. With this tuner/module, you can program your diesel for up to +120hp and +250ft-lbs if you request such programming. Obviously, these gains will kill your engine if you don't have the proper components installed, and that's probably why Banks only offers these tuning programs on request.

You don't have to have a Big Hoss kit to make good use of a Big Hoss Tuner or Module. If you want to buy a small combo pack from Banks without making significant modifications to your diesel, they can customize your programs for ideal tuning within the scope of your modifications. Maybe you just want to repair your faulty OE parts, like the Powerstroke's turbo turbine, or the wastegate actuator, or your crappy stock exhaust system. Whatever your needs are, Banks offers a multitude of combo packages to suit your needs, and they price their items lower and lower when you include more items in your combo package purchase. And perhaps best of all, they customize your tuning for your application and they'll help you troubleshoot your install. You can't beat the reliability of Banks Power Products, not even with a stick.

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