Thursday, February 9, 2012

Billet Torque Converter Ford

It's no wonder that I need to write a blog on torque converters for the Ford Powerstroke. While many people would think of the 6.0L Powerstroke when considering components that break down regularly, the Powerstroke torque converter has had problems for a while now.

A torque converter has a rather simple function - driven by flowing fluid and by clutch discs, the torque converter is the critical connection between your axle and your transmission. Without the torque converter, your vehicle would jerk and lurch back and forth on each shift. Not only would that potentially give you whiplash, it would do something similar to your drivetrain. So to lessen the jumpiness of shifting between gears, your torque converter drives your axle with a large turbine that is driven by fluid pressure, and also locks itself together when maintaining speed by applying sufficient pressure to the clutch discs.

Due to consumer demand, diesel pick-ups started coming with lessened hydraulic pressure for your clutch discs. What this effectively does is provide a smoother shift, but it does so by allowing your clutch discs to slip excessively. Combined with this extra wear and tear, Powerstroke torque converters eventually fail on their own even when you've made no modifications to your pick-up. They're designed to perform within stock powerband specs, but there-in lies the problem - the amount of force that your clutch takes is directly proportional to your pick-up's payload. So if you're running stock and towing, or even if you're travelling uphill with a filled cab, you're now putting too much force on your torque converter.

The way that Ford made their torque converters with such a low power threshold is mostly due to the poor quality materials they used and the poor assembly methods they employ. A stock Ford torque converter has sandpaper clutch discs. PAPER! And the case, it's got welded mounting brackets instead of using a solid piece of steel and boring out those mounts with a diamond tipped drill. And their turbine! the fins hold onto the turbine by being crimped on. That's just a bad joke, because once your torque converter gives way, it immediately starts contaminating your transmission fluid and immediately starts damaging your transmission, with all the fluid contaminants falling straight onto your planetary gears. It's no wonder that people think American manufactures like Ford are just making their money from replacing flawed parts. It's because they are making their money that way.

Long story short, the Banks Billet Torque Converter will take care of all your existing manufacturer defects. Their casing is made from solid steel, their turbine fins are fastened in place and heat-treated to strengthen the bond, and their clutch discs are made of a ceramic-composite material that won't fail when you're pushing power gains.

As a side note, you can further protect the longevity of your transmission by installing a Banks Transcommand module. The module's only function is to regulate the hydraulic pressure for your clutch, so that an increase in throttle will also automatically engage an increase in hydraulic pressure. Essentially, this module gives you the best of both worlds by providing still smooth shifting at low RPMs and stiffer shifting at higher RPMs. With stiffer shifting, you get less slippage, and likewise, less clutch wear and less friction heat in your transmission fluid. An added incentive to having both the Banks Billet Torque Converter and a Transcommand Module is that your pick-up will have a much quicker response right off the line. You'll be able to slam your throttle without excessive clutch slippage, so your power will be quickly and thoroughly translated to the road instead of being translated into excessive heat. This is just one way that Banks gives you more power right off the line without compromising your vehicle's longevity whatsoever - as a matter of fact, you get more power while prolonging your vehicle's life! Sounds almost too good to be true (but not really, we already know the Powerstroke has room for improvement).

Trust Banks Power Products to help you get your diesel running properly and effectively. Gale Banks has been doing this for over 50 years. What else can I say? Respect.


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