Thursday, February 2, 2012


Banks Power Products have a few snazzy call signs to describe their various bundles and combos offered for your diesel pick-up. The Git Kit name has been designated for all basic kits, produced by Banks, that install on diesels between 94-02 and can be installed by themselves to see substantial gains in your vehicle's power. Any exhaust kit by itself has been designated the name Monster Exhaust, but any other basic kit that may or may not include exhaust components as well has been designated as Git Kit.

For your Cummins, a 94-98 Git Kit will only include a fuel timing adjustment plate and a BigHead Wastegate Actuator, and will still provide +40hp and +90 ft-lbs. The 98-02 Git Kit includes a tuner and Monster exhaust, and improves power by +65hp and +170ft-lbs.

For your Powerstroke, a Git Kit will include a tuner and exhaust components. The 94-97 Powerstroke GitKit only includes a heat-shielded boost tube, mid-pipe, and tuner, but will still improve your power by +40hp and +72ft-lbs.

The GitKits were most likely created as economical, easy to install combo packages for customers that want sustainable power gains. All of the GitKits are designed to either drop your EGTs so that you can bump them back up with power tuning, or they don't mess with your vehicle's temperatures at all. These kits tend to focus on existing problems with the manufacturer's components, like with the 12 valve Cummins' turbo wastegate actuator. For these power gains, at the modest price of $500 to $1000, you really can't go wrong with these kits. Even your wife will approve.

But just keep in mind, with added power, you should still consider incorporating aftermarket components that will help you sustain the life of your drivetrain. For automatics, your torque converter will be taking extra stress, and may burn out eventually because they're only designed to perform within stock power figures. A Banks Billet Torque Converter can save you the trouble of breaking down somewhere and paying out of pocket for transmission damage caused by a failed torque converter. Also, a Transcommand module can automatically adjust shifting points and firmness to prolong the life of your transmission.

It's too bad that vehicle manufacturers usually cut corners all over the place so they can save money. But rest assured, companies like Banks have been in business for a long time because they make a living by fixing those problems for good. In my limited experience, there's only a small body of aftermarket companies that fit into the classification of "better than stock, better than most aftermarket" for pretty much all products they offer. To name a few, companies like Bosch, Bulletproof, Garrett, and yes, Banks. If you're still confused about what Banks Power Products can do for you, give Banks a call today and ask one of their technical reps.

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