Thursday, February 2, 2012

Monster Exhaust

So you're looking at Banks exhausts, maybe you're considering options. Do you know what you're looking at? Can you tell the difference between Banks Power Products and their competitors' exhaust systems? It's not that easy to tell with your plain eye, but there are significant differences from their competitors. Long story short, you can get custom mandrel bent pipe from just about anybody, even your local garage, and that's enough to make a basic straight-pipe exhaust or replace specific problematic pipes. But Banks gives you that and everything else you're looking for in an exhaust system.

First of all, incorporating a new exhaust system can be a pain in the butt if you're looking for optimized tuning. Installing an exhaust system from any other aftermarket manufacturer will leave you needing a retune, and they don't make tuners to match their exhaust systems. But Banks does. So if you buy a Banks Monster Exhaust with a tuner, you're much better off than buying an exhaust and tuner from anybody else, because you've already got your tuning dialed in.

Another factor is your installation. A lot of customers need an aftermarket exhaust for their custom vehicle, like a Cummins dropped in a Ford body. Banks maintains an excellent customer service department that will help you troubleshoot your fitment until they get it right. And if for some reason your custom fitment has changed the tuning needed for your vehicle, Banks will do their best to get your the proper tuning for your vehicle.

Banks systems are also completely compatible with one another. Exhaust systems can come with a number of bungs for incorporating measurement probes for live monitoring. Banks' probes will always install properly on their exhaust systems - you won't need to go looking for another wiring harness size, you won't need to find a different probe that will fit better than the one you have.

Lastly, exhaust systems need to be reliable. Exhaust systems need to fit correctly and function correctly, so that all of your vehicle's other systems that depend on your exhaust function properly, and so your vehicle can function safely.

Turbo boosting creates massive amounts of exhaust backpressure, and an improperly installed or improperly welded exhaust system can leak or burst under pressure, causing drops in power gains or worse. Banks Monster Exhausts are designed and fabricated for precision and durability, so no worries there.

How about EGTs? With the incorporation of the DPF, a lot of diesel trucks expel really hot exhaust gases from the tailpipe. This is caused by the DPF "regeneration cycle" where diesel fuel is dumped over the particulate filter to burn off carbon deposits. Since the DPF is so close to your tailpipe, gases expelled from your tailpipe can exceed 1100 degrees (Ford fixed this problem already by allowing ambient air into the exhaust pipes for cooling). While you might guess that many aftermarket companies have figured out this issue, most competitors have such poorly designed heat-management exhausts that they perform less effectively than stock pipes for cooling (despite their improved flow-through). Walking by an exhaust that's expelling gases in the 900-1100 degree range will immediately cause skin burns or ignite whatever combustibles that are nearby. For exhaust systems where this problem occurs, Banks has incorporated their CoolCuff - a fluid-containing cuff that wraps around your tailpipe a foot before the outlet and acts as a heat-sink, lowering your exit EGTs to a manageable 485 degrees.

Some people aren't so keen on Banks exhaust systems because they're highly specific and tend to cost a bit more than their competitors. But the bottom line is that Banks takes the trouble and work out of having to troubleshoot your custom modifications. They dyno-test their parts so you don't have to, they test them for reliability and durability, and they've streamlined all of their products to work together better than anything else you'll find on the market. Like I've told customers time and time again, if you have any doubts about how Banks Power Products can improve your ride better than anybody else, give them a call - they'll prove to you that even an engineer with a dyno-shop would use their products (and they'll prove it to you with hard facts and numbers).

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