Monday, February 6, 2012

Ram Intake

Banks Engineering has been beefing up your diesel for decades, and with all the new technology that has come out for vehicle motors, Banks Power Products have been on the forefront for efficient solutions and state-of-the-art innovations.

One factor for diesel engines that greatly differs from gas engines is you need a more efficient means of combusting fuel. Diesel takes more air, more time, and more energy to combust in comparison to gas, but it also contains much more latent energy than gas. The key to turning diesel engines from oil-spilling, smoke-belching big blocks into smaller, clean-burning, high-performance engines lies in fine-tuning the efficiency at which your diesel engine burns your fuel.

I've heard the comment before "diesel intakes and exhausts get a lot more power than gas intakes and exhausts". This is absolutely true because any diesel engine leaves a lot more improvement than any gas engine in regards to airflow. With our current fuel injection technology, and the possibility of water/propane injection, you can be getting up to of 30mpg on a newish model diesel pick-up, or 60mpg on your turbo diesel car. You may be asking "how is this possible?" Fact is that every time you saw an older model diesel engine spewing out black smoke from their exhaust, that black smoke is actually wasted fuel, so you can imagine how inefficiently diesel engines run in comparison to new technology.

Banks Engineering has made a killing on factory deficiencies that can be easily remedied with quality-produced parts. Their Monster-Ram Intake is no exception. With one their intake and exhaust systems already installed, all you need do is include one of these badboys with a boost tube kit, and you've replaced nearly all of your stock airflow components. With the appropriate Banks Tuner, you're already pushing over +100hp and +250ft-lbs. Plus, with the Monster-Ram or High-Ram intake, you can incorporate injection systems and monitor systems directly onto your intake elbow.

Why water or propane injection? Because with one of those systems properly installed, there's no need for an EGR or Catalytic Converter. With water or propane, you can combust your diesel fuel more completely, and likewise get a lot more power out of your engine while polluting less than gas! Yes, diesel can be cleaner than gas if you're completely igniting it, especially since it provides a lot more power, which translates to a lot better fuel economy. Imagine having to fill your diesel and water up at every refueling, so that you can get the fuel economy of a hybrid with more power than a stock diesel. Why aren't more people doing this already? Why hasn't any major manufacturer capitalized on the profitability of high-performance diesel yet? Maybe in the future.

Banks Power Products - bringing you the best of diesel.

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