Thursday, February 9, 2012

Speed Brake

For performance diesel trucks, having a reliable braking system is key. If you're racing professionally, you've got aftermarket everything to help you with this - performance brakes, rotors, transmission, clutch or torque converter, etc.

Your stock diesel pick-up won't come standard with quality parts like these. This becomes an important issue for drivers using their pick-up for towing, racing, or just traveling long-distance with a large payload (like with a motorhome, RV, Semi, etc). So what are your options to increase your braking power without having to purchase more expensive discs or replace your stock brake discs more frequently? Your best option is exhaust braking, and Banks Power Products have several different methods for you to go about it.

First, let's consider your payload. If you're pulling large enough loads to require a transmission modification or replacement, you're most likely better off with an exhaust brake that installs behind your turbo. Banks has standardized the ideal design for these exhaust brakes, complete with a module for transmission lock-up control and automatic downshifting. But for those that don't drive motorhomes or tow a significant payload, you may not want to bother with the maintenance that comes with installing a shutter exhaust brake.

If you're just wanting to prolong the periods between changing out your brake discs, or if you need extra braking power that can't be accomplished with disc brakes, Banks offers their Speed Brake for a maintenance-free install at a modest price. A Banks Speed Brake comes with the same electronic functions as their shutter exhaust brake, which automatically downshifts your transmission when you've let your foot off the throttle and automatically locks-up your transmission. You can also set speed ranges for when your Speed Brake will activate, so you can maintain smoother driving at low speeds.

So you might be wondering what's so special about this braking system besides managing your transmission for ideal gearing. The true braking power for this system lies within your existing VGT (Variable Geometry Turbo). VGTs automatically contract your exhaust pipe diameter at the turbo mouth so that your exhaust airflow will be more focused on the turbine at low speeds, and will expand in the same fashion when your turbo has already achieved desired boost. It does this with adjustable vanes at the mouth of your turbo, so that when an electrical signal is sent to your turbo, it will adjust according to the strength of the signal. The Banks Speed Brake uses this as an advantage for braking, because a constricted exhaust pipe will cause exhaust back-pressure (like a shutter brake does) by inhibiting the flow-through of the exhaust gases. This considerable back-pressure will resist your piston's ability to continue on with combustion cycles, and will work more and more effectively the higher your RPMs. So, the automatic VGT management combined with automatic transmission management have created a rock-steady product that Banks can stand behind.

Consider this - A Banks shutter exhaust brake is more effective than their own Speed Brake, and is more effective than any other competitor's product. But even more remarkably, their Speed Brake by itself is more effective than a lot of their competitors' shutter exhaust brakes. Isn't that something? You're spending less money with Banks this time, spending less time under the hood, and you're getting a much more powerful, reliable, and sustainable product. Now that's smart engineering!

If you have any doubts about the Banks Power Products difference, contact Banks directly and let them demonstrate for you how they take their competition to school.

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